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Many cyclists who are already planning their bike trips and bike tours with Komoot or plan to do so in the future will like this: With Trail View, the platform has a powerful feature that provides even more information when planning a tour. The new map technology brings Komoot routes to life – and thus helps significantly with orientation. For this purpose, the power and strength of the community was used and more than 15 million photos of the 28 million Komoot users were scanned and made available for Trail View.

With the photos you can get an even better impression of the route and the local conditions and thus verify whether the planned route is compatible with the chosen sport or with your own abilities. And best of all: The new feature is now available for all Komoot users in the route planner (web version) – and not just reserved for premium users.

On-site photos complement the map

In order to be able to use Trail View, you must activate the function in the map selection (see photo below) by additionally selecting the “Komoot Trail View” map. Then you will have all the route photos of the 28 million Komoot users available – recognizable on the map by the different green dots. Each dot represents a photo to look at.
>> Try out the new technology – select the Trail View map layer.

The challenge: Not all photos are suitable for Trail View. An AI-supported image recognition technology scans the uploaded photos and only shows those that actually show paths and trails. Images that do not meet the criteria will not be recorded (e.g. images with faces, animals, landscapes, buildings, etc.). More than 15 million photos were scanned for the launch of the new map layer. About a million of these show trails and paths and have been implemented in Trail View. Every user has it in their hands: Because the more photos the community uploads, the better the feature will be for everyone who wants to plan their cycling adventure in detail.

Plan better with Trail View

Trail View now offers an additional dimension in route planning: the on-site insights enable users to see what it really looks like on site so that they can better decide whether a route is suitable for their plans. Clear information about the condition and nature of the trail helps all outdoor enthusiasts: those who are out on a mountain bike can choose the right equipment; Families with children and groups can reduce potential risks when hiking; on gravel bike tours, paths with large boulders can be excluded and the level of difficulty adjusted. This increases the probability that the route will be fun from start to finish and neither under nor overwhelmed. Anticipation is the greatest joy: you can already guess what great things await you during the planning stage.

About Komoot

Find, plan and share your adventures with Komoot. Intuitive route planner powered by community knowledge and recommendations, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and hand-picked content to inspire new discoveries have made Komoot the outdoor app of choice for 28 million people worldwide. Komoot is the largest digital community of outdoor experts in Europe. For those who expect even more from their outdoor adventures and bike rides – for those who go further – Komoot Premium offers additional features such as dynamic weather forecast, multi-day planner and sport-specific maps. Because Komoot’s mission is to make unique adventures possible for everyone.

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