New Nissan Ariya for 327 euros gross in private customer leasing

The Nissan Ariya is the brand’s first electric SUV. In the AUTO BILD test, the Japanese was able to convince across the board! The elegant interior and the high level of comfort were particularly impressive. Brand new on the market, the ID.4 competitor is available with three engines: the customer can choose between 160 kW (218 hp), 178 kW (242 hp) and 225 kW (306 hp). The range also varies. According to WLTP, the basic model covers 403 kilometers, the top model 493 kilometers and the Ariya, which is in the golden mean in terms of performance, covers the longest distance with a range of 520 kilometers. The basic model costs 47,490 euros. However, private customers can save a large sum if they fall back on the current leasing offer.
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), private customers can lease the electric Nissan Ariya for EUR 327 gross per month. As with most electric car leasing deals, there is a one-time special payment of 6,000 euros.

Drive two years of Nissan Ariya for 11,562 euros

Customers with a contract term of 60 months and 5,000 free kilometers per year receive the cheapest leasing rate (327 euros gross). These cannot be changed for a term of 60 months. But if you adjust the contract period, you can choose either 5,000 km or 10,000 km per year. With a term of 24 months, the gross fee is 440.38 or 469 euros. At 36 months it would be 381.73 or 406 euros gross. And for 48 months 349.39 or 371 euros gross. A deposit is not required.

In addition to the monthly leasing rate, there is a one-off payment for the transfer costs of EUR 995 gross. This results in total leasing costs of 11,562.12 euros gross (24 times 440.38 euros plus 995 euros) in the most favorable case, excluding the environmental premium.
In return, customers receive a freely configurable new car that comes with the following standard equipment: multifunction steering wheel, front and rear parking sensors, automatic air conditioning, 19-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, voice control and heated seats at the front.

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