New Nvidia Shield TV & Nintendo Switch? Production of the Tegra X1 is said to be discontinued

Nvidia Shield TV Pro
Nvidia’s update policy remains exemplary

Nvidia will reportedly stop producing the Tegra X1. This should pave the way for a new chip and thus also new Shield TV and Nintendo Switch.

However, Nvidia has not confirmed this supposed step itself. It is said that the company is going this way because a new version of the switch is pending, which will then also rely on a new processor. Since Nvidia is also planning a new Shield TV, which will also use a new chip, the Tegra X1 can finally be retired.

The stocks should then be sufficient to equip further copies of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Nevertheless, it seems questionable whether there is anything to the rumors. For example, Nintendo is unlikely to present a potential Switch Pro as the sole model of the future, but rather to expand the existing consoles rather than replace them. Should the demand persist, it would be skeptical to see whether Nintendo would get along with its Tegra X1 SoCs for a long time.

Nvidia itself would have fewer problems, because the last Shield TV from 2019 could of course be phased out if a new version should appear this year. That would fit in with Nvidia’s previous approach. The first Shield TV was released in 2015. It was followed by new generations every two years, i.e. in 2017 and 2019. Accordingly, the time would be ripe for the next generation in 2021.

Nvidia Shield TV: New version offers the chance for many improvements

For a new Nvidia Shield TV, the manufacturer could e.g. B. Submit support for the video codec AV1. HDR10 + could also be supported, because that was previously neglected. We’d also like the Shield TV to provide the correct frame switching. Certainly, this model should also use Google TV as a surface ex works.


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