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New on Netflix this week: new seasons of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and ‘Good Girls’, the final season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and movie classics ‘Basic Instinct’ and ‘The Cable Guy’

Another week has passed: say again that time does not fly. A new week, a new stack of new titles on Netflix. This week there are some titles that have been long awaited, such as the new season of The Umbrella Academy and the twelfth and final season of the sitcom, which has remained very popular until the end The Big Bang Theory around the genius Sheldon and his friends.


Then The Umbrella Academy released last February, the series had no trouble finding an audience. A second season could not fail and that is now, a year and a half later. The Umbrella Academy begins in 1989, when children around the world are born to women who were not even pregnant. Eccentric billionaire Hargreeves then searches for these special children and finds 7 of them. They appear to have superpowers and as a kind of professor Xavier he takes them in and teaches them to use their powers.

Over the years, the seven were estranged from each other. One of them dies, another disappears for 17 years. The children get back together when their father dies. When Number Five returns from the future and comes to tell them that the world will end in eight days, it’s time for action. The second season also continues to build on this idea, because this time the Hargreeves are in the 1970s to prevent the end of the world.

Good Girls is already on his way third season to. That is not the last, because the series has also been renewed for a fourth season. The focus is on three Michigan mothers who – each for their own reasons – struggle to make ends meet. They decide to raid a local supermarket and run into much bigger problems than they expected.

It is time to say goodbye, because with this twelfth season is now also the last season of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix. The sitcom around Sheldon and his friends who befriend the beautiful neighbor Penny. The series started in the distant 2007 and grew into an immense success. And those who have trouble saying goodbye can just start watching the 281 episodes again, because with the addition of the 12th season, all seasons are now on Netflix.

Finally, we have a new series on offer: Get Even, a series in collaboration with BBC about a couple of teenage girls who set up a secret society to fight bullies. When one of the bullies in question is murdered with a leaf with the name of the society in his hand, the first suspects are not far away.


We stay in the same mood Hejter (Hater), a Polish film. This is about a young man with ambitions who wants to get up higher quickly and impress Gabi, a girl he has had a crush on for years. When he succeeds with an insulting GIF that spreads like wildfire on various social media, it soon becomes clear that his actions also have many consequences in daily life.

It is the beginning of a new month and so a number of films have traditionally moved away from home. This is the case from 1 August Basic Instinct (1992) on Netflix, the favorite film of everyone’s father who was born in the 80’s or 90’s. This is not least thanks to the explicit sex scenes, but mentioning Paul Verhoeven’s film just for that would do the film injustice. There is really chemistry between Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, which makes the film genuinely exciting and at least one scene from the film has become legendary. But of course those sex scenes are also allowed.

The Cable Guy is a black comedy from 1996 directed by Ben Stiller. It was the first film in which Jim Carrey played a more serious leading role, after his characters from, among others The Mask, Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber. Ironically, it was this film that became the first Carrey film to become no box office success upon release. Afterwards, the film about Steven Kovak befriending the man of the television company in exchange for free cable television (we would also consider it) became a cult success.

We also recommend: The Judge (2014), an underrated film in which Robert “Iron Man” Downey Jr. shows again that he can really act. Here he plays a well-known lawyer who returns from the big city to his native village. There his father, the well-known judge of the village, is suspected of murder. Father and son are estranged from each other, but together they search for the truth in this strange matter.

In the meantime, we also have to wait until Tenet comes to the cinema, the new film by Christopher Nolan that should save the cinemas. Here and there was in recent weeks too Interstellar (2014), the film in which Matthew McConaughey as a researcher at NASA tries to offer humanity a future in a desolate future.

In American Sniper (2014) another hero takes center stage. Bradley Cooper plays the deadliest Navy SEAL of all time in this Clint Eastwood film. We had a very double feeling while watching, because are we really going to put the deadliest shooter of all time on a pedestal? But others did find something about this. So to give it a try.

No heroes in it American History X.. This 1998 classic with Edward Norton in an impressive lead role tells the story of Danny, a teenager completely influenced by his older brother, the skinhead Derek. When Danny makes an enthusiastic report about Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” at school, the headmaster offers him the choice, whether to write an essay about his brother Derek, or be kicked out of school.

We already had Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) and the same Brad Pitt with Marion Cotillard in Allied (2016) as a couple of spies, but in Duplicity (2009) Clive Owen and Julia Roberts served as spies. While working – he for the British secret service MI6, she for the CIA – they meet in Dubai and later meet again. A romance naturally flourishes, but the two continue to distrust each other.

Mean Girls (2004), finally, is a classic. The sequel, Mean Girls 2 from 2011 saw far fewer people. It is therefore only a loose sequel and only actor Tim Meadows appears in both films. Of course, high school is once again the playing field, this time the new student Jo agrees to become friends with the outsider Abby. This at the insistence of Abby’s rich father in exchange for paying all the costs of studying her dreams. Jo and Abby team up to fight the school’s “mean girls” known as “Plastics”.

Finally, it is really fun The LEGO Movie (2014). The sequel was a weak imitation of this first part, a hyperkinetic print for which your eyes will fall short, but one that is full of original jokes. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME !!!

Docu & Reality

Those with a great interest in international prison can indulge themselves, because Netflix has just launched one fourth season from Inside The World’s Thoughest Prisons added. Throughout the seasons, the series takes a look at how things are going in prison in Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil or Ukraine. But we also consider how it can be done, with Norway as an example. Paraguay is on the program in the new season, but we will also visit Germany.

In The Speed ​​Cubers The focus is on two young men – 23-year-old Australian Feliks Zemdegs and 17-year-old American Max Park – who are specialists in solving the Rubiks cube, an icon from the 1980s that has been the source of many frustrations. However, Feliks and Max only need a few seconds to solve the thing and have both been world champions. In just 39 minutes, director Sue Kim paints a picture of the two young men, their competitive spirit and their respect and friendship for each other.

And finally something light to finish with, although it can be heavy on the stomach if you eat too much of it (haha, bland joke, sorry). The baking competition Sugar Rush is now on third season to. Again every episode four new duos compete in three rounds for who has the best cupcakes, cakes or pies. The winner will take $ 10,000 home.

Can’t find your way in this week’s offer? Then take a look at our list of what we think are the 50 best series on Netflix.


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