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New on Netflix this week: the new season of ‘The Crown’, ‘Trapped’, the beautiful short film ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ and ‘Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas’

Now that it gets dark earlier and earlier, television has become our best friend. With the new season of The Crown Netflix added a gem last Sunday that has already been discovered by many, but that’s not the only title that was new to Netflix this week.


The Crown was one of – it is – Netflix’s crown jewels from the start. Creator and writer Peter Morgan received a lot of criticism for not bringing this series to the BBC. However, Morgan has tried to set up a collaboration between the BBC and Netflix, but the British public broadcaster rejected the offer because it was too expensive. The series was well loved from the start, but was also criticized for being too slow. We disagree: it is British solidity that we see.

At the beginning of the new, fourth, season a generation change takes place that had already started quietly in the third season. The focus shifts to new characters, the focus shifts to Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Princess Diana (the young and undescribed actress Emma Corrin), while Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson from Sex Education) to be in the foreground. In any case The Crown now again as good as flawless. We perform at a high level in all areas.

The Crown is one of the most expensive series Netflix ever produced. As of this week, Netflix also offers two seasons from Trapped on, which is the most expensive Icelandic series of all time. Trapped is set in a remote coastal town (are there others) where a woman was killed in a fire seven years ago. Now a body is found, decapitated and without arms and legs. Police Chief Andri must find out whether there is a link between the two cases and who the perpetrator of this murder is.

There is more to do for those who love police series, because from Spain comes the first season (of two) of El Sabor De Las Margaritas a series – written in Gaelic – about the policewoman Rosa who starts the hunt for a serial killer. Make time for this series, because episodes each last 70 minutes.


For the best movie of the week, you only have to set aside 12 minutes. If Anything Happens I Love You – that title alone! – is about a grieving process after the loss of a child as a result of a shooting at school. A moving and artistic gem.

Netflix launched last week La vita Davanti A Sé, the first film starring acting legend Sophia Loren (who is already being tipped for an Oscar nomination) in the lead role. This week appeared Pane, Amore E … from scratch on Netflix, a movie starring the same Sophia Loren when she was 65 years younger. That film tells about the romance between a commander and the new occupant of the house that the commander used to rent.

But of course you are only waiting for the Christmas films and they are also available this week. In The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again Vanessa Hudgens does not play a double role, but a triple role. She plays the heir to the throne of Montenaro, but the prince and princess have a difficult period in relationship. Then Fiona comes into the picture, a lookalike …

We recommend that those who like it a bit crazier Alien Xmas On. In it, the tiny alien X and the generous Christmas spirit try to save the planet when aliens set their sights on gravity.

Docu & Reality

Only strange titles in this block this week. With in front Voices Of Fire, a six-part documentary series in which you can follow how Bishop Ezekiel Williams founded a gospel choir with the help of his cousin. Only that cousin happens to be Pharrell Williams and a world star. The series is kind of a mix between The Voice and an insight into why religion can be important in a human life.

We Are The Champions is anything but a joke. In this documentary series really existing competitions are shown in less obvious sports branches. For example, they run behind a cheese, dance with a dog and test who can eat the most chili peppers. We simply remain in our seat, we are simply unbeatable at that.

Although there are already 30 episodes of Flavorful Origins Chinese cuisine still held enough secrets to offer another ten episodes, because the third season is a fact. Besides the cooking itself, tradition and nostalgia are especially central here.

And finally, this one we’ve all been waiting for: in Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas provides interior decorator Benjamin Bradley (aka Mr. Christmas) with a team of Christmas elves to help families make their homes memorable and cozy for the holidays. What are you waiting for?

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