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New on Netflix this week: the new titles (almost) all bathe in the Christmas spirit, Dolly Parton and Shawn Mendes provide the musical note

More and more windows are being lit. Christmas trees are decorated. String lights untangled. Christmas is undeniably closer. This has also not escaped Netflix’s notice, which has launched a real Christmas offensive this year. That seems to be reaching its peak this week.


If you would like a portion of romance to sit around the Christmas tree with, you can turn to Virgin River, the series that is now in its second season. In this romantic series, nurse Melinda Monroe is ready for a new start in her life, after which she decides to move to the last village of Virgin River to work as a nurse and find peace.

A lot of drama also awaits in the second season, because Melinda starts to feel more and more for veteran Jack, but he is expecting a child with another woman. This series is based on the books of the same name by Robyn Carr of which twenty volumes have already been published. Virgin River thus has the potential to last a long time. A third season has already been officially confirmed by Netflix.

We really dive into the Christmas spirit with the German series ÜberWeihnachten, or About Christmas in English. We follow Bastian, a down-and-out musician who comes home for the holidays after the break with his girlfriend. There he discovers that his brother is with his ex. And more unpleasant surprises await Bastian. For those who are happy that there will be no large family parties this year.


Dolly Parton is hip again and Netflix knows it too. That’s why they were eager to Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square to do, with the now 74-year-old country singer in the role of Christmas angel. That angel is there to repent the rich Regina Fuller (Christine Baranski).

After all, after the death of her father, he put people out of their homes to sell the land to the developer of a shopping center. And then of course the Christmas angel comes up, who will try to bring the money-hungry Regina to repentance through music, magic and memories. The glaze splashes off and the songs are clearly playback, but don’t let that spoil the Christmas fun.

Bathing in the same atmosphere The Christmas Chronicles 2, the sequel to the 2018 movie where Kate and Teddy Pierce helped Santa save the Christmas party. The second part is also about Kate and Teddy. They are unexpectedly transferred to the North Pole when the Christmas party is again threatened by an unexpected and mysterious outsider. Santa Claus is played by the old acquaintance Kurt Russell.

No better time than the end of the year period for a solid period of handkerchief drama. Success director Ron Howard launches Hillbilly Elegy, which has since received scathing reviews. We understand why: the drama is quite thick and we miss real heartfelt moments in J.D. Vance who grows up in a family where violence and substance abuse are commonplace. Amy Adams and Glenn Close portray mother and grandmother.

More drama in Argentinian El Cuaderno De Tomy (Notes For My Son). In it we follow a woman who is suffering from terminal cancer. During her struggle, a notebook writes together about life, death and love. She does this for her son so that he can remember later.

Finally, something completely different comes from Italy. La Belva (The Beast) tells the story of Leonida Riva, a gloomy, lonely war veteran who has lost sight of his family. His eldest son, Mattia, has never forgiven him while his daughter, Teresa, loves him unconditionally. However, a tragic event will force Leonida to turn into something he thought he buried long in the past.

Docu & Reality

The musical note comes this month from Shawn Mendes with a documentary that can hardly hide the fact that it serves as a promotion for his new album. After all, next week (December 4) the fourth album of the pop idol will be released, called “Wonder”. Monster has just been released from this, the collaboration with Justin Bieber. In Shawn Mendes: In Wonder fans can take a look behind the scenes into the life of the 22-year-old pop idol.

August saw the third season of baking competition Sugar Rush unloaded. Now is the time for one second season from Sugar Rush Christmas, a six-part special that bathed in the Christmas spirit, including identical Christmas pajamas, carols and Christmas decorations.

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