New Playstation 5 variant appeared – the differences

A new version of the PS5 console has been released in Australia. Read the differences here.

Japanese retailers recently announced that a new Playstation 5 model, dubbed the CFI-1200, will launch on September 15, 2022. The new console model has already been spotted in Australia.

The trend seems to be continuing here and Australia is again the first country to receive the new PS5 variants. In particular, these are the models CFI-1202B (digital variant) and CFI-1202A (disc console). We explain the differences to the previous versions, which come from the Australian online portal Press-Start, here.

Differences to previous consoles

The differences inside the console are not really known yet. The only obvious difference: the weight. At 3.4 kilograms, the digital version is around 200 grams lighter than its predecessor, and the difference in the disc version is even 300 grams. It now weighs 3.9 kilograms. Since this variant is already the second iteration that lost weight, the difference to the release PS5 is already half a kilo for the digital version and even 600 grams for the disc version:

  • Release variant:

    Disc: 4.5kg / Digital: 3.9kg

  • 2021 PS5 iteration

    : Disc: 4.2kg / Digital: 3.6kg

  • 2022 PS5 iteration:

    Disc: 3.9kg / Digital: 3.4kg

What has changed in detail inside the console is not yet known. Last year, for example, the heat sink was replaced, which led to a weight loss, but the console also got significantly warmer.

It remains to be seen whether a similar scenario can also be expected for the 2022 variant. Unfortunately, no further information is available at this time. It is also not certain whether the recent price increase, in addition to high inflation rates worldwide, also has something to do with the new parts inside the PS5. You can read more about the price increase in our article here:

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