New Playstation Plus: subscription prices, included games and launch date

Sony is merging Playstation Plus and Playstation Now. Customers can choose from three different subscription models.

As has been rumored for a few weeks, Sony today announced changes to its Playstation Plus service. From June 2022, the Playstation Plus subscription service and the Playstation Now streaming service will be merged. The merger results in three different new subscription models for customers.

Playstation Plus Essential

Sony will rename the previous Playstation Plus subscription to Playstation Plus Essential from June. The well-known benefits of Playstation Plus are included, such as exclusive discounts, cloud storage for game saves, access to online multiplayer and two monthly downloadable games. The monthly price is as usual at 8.99 euros. A quarterly subscription costs EUR 24.99 and the annual subscription costs EUR 59.99. For users who already have a Playstation Plus subscription, nothing will change with the launch of Playstation Plus Essential.

The next higher subscription model includes all the benefits of the Essential tariff. However, there is also a catalog of 400 Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 games from Sony studios and third-party providers. With the subscription, users get instant access to this library of games. Here, Sony is clearly ahead of the Xbox Game Pass. The competition only includes 100 games in the Ultimate subscription. Playstation Plus Extra costs EUR 13.99 for one month, EUR 39.99 for three months and EUR 99.99 for one year.

Playstation Plus Premium

The most expensive of the three new Playstation Plus subscriptions is called Playstation Plus Premium. In addition to the benefits of the Essential and Premium subscriptions, users have access to up to 340 additional games. This add-on library includes Playstation 3 titles via cloud streaming, as well as Playstation, Playstation 2 and PSP games available either via cloud streaming or download. Playstation Now is also included here. In this way, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 games can also be played on consoles and PC via the stream. According to Sony, the premium version also includes time-limited test versions of selected titles. The price for one month is EUR 16.99, for three months EUR 49.99 and for twelve months EUR 119.99.

What games are included?

Sony has not yet published complete lists of which games will be included in the Premium and Extra plans. According to the company, however, it plans to launch, among other things, “Death Stranding”, “God of War”, “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, “Mortal Kombat 11” and “Returnal” as Offer part of the subscriptions.

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