New price target: Analyst sees Tesla’s value rise to almost $ 1 trillion in positive cases

Half a trillion dollars has almost been reached, and a well-known analyst has even more confidence in Tesla on the stock exchange: On the Monday before the opening of the US stock exchanges, the share of the electric car pioneer was just below 489 dollars, which meant a total value of 464 billion dollars . But according to a new study by Wedbush Securities, it should increase to $ 560 over the next 12 months, and even to $ 1,000 in a positive scenario. For Tesla as a whole, that would mean a market value of just under a trillion dollars.

China as a key region for Tesla

The Wedbush analyst still does not recommend Tesla shares for buying, but has left its rating at “neutral”, MarketWatch reported on Monday. But his assessment sounds very positive. In the meantime, a “significant turning point in global demand for electric cars” has been reached, the study cites. According to the new estimate, the proportion of electric cars in new car sales will increase to 10 percent worldwide by 2025. And the “clear category leader Tesla” should benefit disproportionately from this dynamic in the coming years.

The analyst sees particularly good opportunities for Tesla in China. From the gigafactory there, he expects the delivery of 150,000 Model 3s in 2020 as their first year, which, according to StreetInsider, he described as a tight pace. China is a key region, and by 2022 Tesla will potentially generate 40 percent of its total electric car sales there.

CEO Musk is even more optimistic

But also in Europe, regulatory factors would lead to more consumer interest in electric cars, StreetInsider quotes the analyst. Here Tesla’s new Gigafactory near Berlin will mean higher margins and less complex logistics in the future. Finally, in the USA, it is conceivable that the new President Joe Biden will also address new electric car subsidies for Tesla.

According to Twitter excerpts from the Wedbush study, the analyst now expects 710,000 Tesla deliveries in his medium scenario in the coming year, 932,000 for 2022 and 1.085 million for 2023. The one million Teslas mark could possibly be exceeded in a year as early as 2022. But CEO Elon Musk himself has already expressed himself even more optimistically: “You are not far off,” he replied at the end of October to an analyst’s question whether Tesla might reach 850,000 to 1 million deliveries in 2021.


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