New product line at Tesla: CEO announces efficient skin technology system with filters

Severe forest and bush fires are currently raging across almost the entire US west coast in Tesla’s home state of California, creating thick air full of pollutants in many places and making the sun appear red in parts. A Tesla owner from San Francisco showed a photo of the ad in his device for measuring air quality with the warning “very unhealthy” on Friday. These are the data for his house, he explained, which is why he will now sit in his electric car so as not to suffocate. Because those from Tesla are equipped with a complex system for air purification – and CEO Elon Musk has now announced that he will definitely want to offer something similar for houses.

Tesla boss has long been interested

“One day we will produce a super-efficient HVAC system for the home with HEPA filters,” announced the Tesla boss in a reaction to the air message on Twitter. He had already announced several times before that he was leaning in this direction. In 2018 he spoke of a possible Tesla air conditioning system for the first time, and this spring he praised the heat pump in the new Model Y and described a system for home heating, ventilation and air conditioning (this is what the English abbreviation HVAC stands for) as “interesting”. At the end of April, the Tesla boss announced that he would like to realize such a product for his life, along with filters and water distillation.

All of this was phrased carefully and personally – perhaps also because, following an agreement with the SEC, Musk is not allowed to announce new products on Twitter without first having a legal check. However, Musk showed no such reluctance when it came to his latest message on HVAC. So he is likely to have either spoken to a lawyer or ignored the SEC agreement. The first case would mean that Tesla’s expansion into building technology is approaching.

Model S and Model X are equipped with a so-called HEPA filter, which even enables a “bio-weapon defense mode”; According to Tesla, it not only quickly cleans the air in the interior of pollutants, but also makes the environment cleaner. The Tesla Model 3 has a slightly smaller filter, but it should provide similar performance. Which model the Tesla owner in San Francisco has, which has now moved to his electric car, is not clear from his contribution. Either way, he should be able to breathe better in it than outside or inside according to his data.

For Tesla Cybertruck and at home

Large filters together with the heat pump from the Tesla Model Y and other technology could form the basis for a super-efficient and quiet HVAC system for the home, which could also provide fresh drinking water, Musk publicly considered in April. When asked, he confirmed that all of this might also be found in the Tesla Cybertruck. Together with the solar option, which has also been confirmed, the electric pickup would become an almost self-sufficient rolling house. But apparently Tesla will sooner or later also be available in a non-mobile form.


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