New PS5 controller: Dualsense Edge is extremely customizable

Sony has unveiled its new DualSense Edge wireless controller for the Playstation 5, with plenty of customization options and accessories.

Sony has presented a further development of its DualSense controller for the Playstation 5 in a blog post. The new DualSense Edge wireless controller has some advantages in terms of customization and accessories.

According to Sony, the new wireless controller is powerful and offers more customization options than ever before. The design should also give the user a certain advantage in games. For example, through a range of hardware and software-based customization options, the player can fully tailor the user experience with the controller to their own playing style and thus completely personalize it.

DualSense Edge wireless controllers: The new items and accessories

New features include, for example

customizable controls.

Certain key inputs can be reassigned or even deactivated, the sensitivity of the stick and dead zones can be refined. The dead zones and trigger distances for trigger buttons can also be set according to individual requirements, for example to be able to trigger faster and react faster in shooters or to enable precise speed in racing games.

Let’s continue with the

Storage of several operating profiles.

Which can be exchanged depending on the game or the current playing style. This could be worthwhile in a shooter, for example, if you need a different adjustment of the sensitivity of the sticks and trigger buttons, if you are currently using a sniper weapon or if you are switching to a completely different game. Thanks to the specially provided

Fn key

can be quickly changed or adjusted.

Interchangeable stick and back button caps

in three versions provide the necessary comfort, grip and stability. You can choose between the standard version, high or low round caps.

Another great approach of the controller are

interchangeable embroidery modules.

Replacement embroidery modules will be available separately, so if you ever break one, it can be easily replaced.

And otherwise provides the controller

all typical comfort functions

of the traditional DualSense wireless controller: haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, motion controls and more.

In addition to the controller and the stick caps themselves, the scope of delivery includes a

braided USB-C cable,

which snaps into the controller via a special plug-in housing to prevent it from slipping out while playing. You also get one

protective bag

which can be used to store controllers and accessories and allows the controller to be charged via a USB connection while it is in the case.

It is not yet known when the new controller will appear on the market. Sony plans to announce more details and a release date in the near future.

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