New record: DDR5 RAM with 5,011 MHz

Gigabyte was able to operate DDR5 bars with a clock rate of 5,011 MHz (DDR5-10022) thanks to nitrogen.

Memory manufacturers want to outperform each other with new records for DDR5 modules. After MSI presented 5,002 MHz last week, this record has now been surpassed again by the overclocker Hicookie in cooperation with Gigabyte. A DDR5 bar with nitrogen cooling was overclocked to 5,011 MHz and thus reached the level of DDR5-10022 – a new world record.

Test setup in the laboratory

The test setup uses a Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Tachyon as the mainboard. This is supported by an Intel Core i9-12900K. For the experiment, however, this CPU was only operated with two active cores and the clock was reduced to 2.1 GHz. The DDR5-4800 bar was also cooled with nitrogen together with the processor. A little practical construction. The experiment is therefore not very meaningful for everyday use as a render machine or gaming computer.

Low timings

Nevertheless, Hicookie was able to secure a new record in this way. It is also noteworthy that the timings of the RAM module were still relatively low: MSI still relied on CL72-126-126-126-127-2, while the MSI bar with the timing CL46-58-58-46-104- 2 was operated. It can be assumed that MSI will not let this new record sit on itself. Accordingly, new records can be expected soon. In addition to direct competition, the campaigns also ensure that the relatively new DDR5 main memory is firmly established in the minds of users. In the following articles we will clarify to what extent the faster – and also significantly more expensive – RAM modules based on the DDR5 standard offer advantages in everyday use:

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