New reference discovered on Nintendo Switch Pro

Rumors have been circulating for months that Nintendo could upgrade its current console, Switch. Now the data miner SciresM has found a new indication that a pro version is in the works. The latest software update for the console should contain information about new hardware with the code name “Aula”.

As Videogame Chronicle reports, Aula will use a Mariko (Tegra X1 +) chipset. This is already used in the Switch Lite released in 2019. However, the clock frequency should be increased in order to achieve better performance. In addition, information about a Realtek chip should be included, which is advertised as a 4K multimedia UHD chip.

4K only on TV

However, the 4K chip could only be in the docking station for playback on the television. This would mean that the resolution of the integrated display would remain lower. According to SciresM, the Pro model should “definitely” be equipped with an OLED screen.

In the update, ScriesM also claims to have found a reference to “significantly” better cooling and battery life. It has already been reported several times that Nintendo is planning a 4K version for 2021. An official statement from Nintendo is still missing.


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