New roller trainer from Zwift – BIKE BILD

The virtual cycling training platform Zwift presents its own roller trainer for the first time. The Zwift Hub, available for 499 euros, is intended to make it easier to get started with online training. And not only because of the comparatively low purchase price, but also because of the simple assembly process – the reel will be available exclusively on from October 3, 2022.

No extra equipment required

Easy assembly thanks to the color coding of both legs. The cassette is included in the scope of delivery (RRP: 499 euros).

“Sometimes it’s difficult to know what equipment you actually need, and that equipment can be expensive,” explains Zwift CEO and co-founder Eric Min. As a result, Zwift decided to ship the trainer with a pre-installed bike cassette . Buyers can select an 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12-speed cassette during the ordering process at no additional cost.

The enclosed adapter cards are used for easy assembly of the smart trainer. If the rear wheel is removed, you can use these to determine the distance between the quick-release or thru-axle openings in the rear triangle and find out which adapter you need for your bike. They are attached to the templates. First of all, the color coding of the respective legs should simplify the assembly of the role.

The adapter templates can be used to determine the length of the thru axles or quick release.

Using the Zwift Hub

So far so good, but what can the smart trainer actually do? Like other reels of this type, Swift Hub can also be used in free and ERG mode. This means that you can either switch gears yourself and thus vary the pedaling resistance, or, ideally for training sessions, the resistance is automatically adjusted by the trainer. For Apple TV users, the Smart Trainer should be able to serve as a Bluetooth bridge for the heart rate monitor. This should make it possible to connect additional accessories to Zwift. In addition, the Zwift Hub should be “quiet as a whisper” even at high in-game speeds.

Important for users of Garmin, Wahoo or Elite devices: There are no advantages in the race by using the Zwift roller trainer.

More news from Zwift

Zwift also recently introduced new software functions. One of them is called PacePartner. These partners are displayed to the user on the start screen and open up the possibility of joining a group ride in order to be able to train together at different speeds. The new hologram function was also developed according to this principle. Thanks to her, Zwifters can race against a ghost of their previous personal records.

Thanks to PacePartner, Zwifters can train together at different speeds.

Route-based workouts are another innovation on the online platform. They are intended to make it easier to get started with structured training. The terrain-based workouts calculate the FTP value. A 20-minute or step test is no longer necessary. The training plan is then created using the Zwift terrain and the marked segments. The feature will initially appear in the Zwift Academy Road program before expanding with more training plans throughout the season.

For all competition enthusiasts, Zwift offers a competition with a weekly changing stage through the monthly ZRacing racing series. Registration for the Zwift Racing League is also open. And: To make races fairer in the future, drivers are now matched with other drivers based on their last recorded driving data.

New Zwift card: Urukazi

The Zwift universe expands in November with the Urukazi card.

Starting in November, a new map will be available in Makuri Islands called Urukazi. The world will be expanded with roads, gravel and unpaved paths starting in November. The developers’ ulterior motive was to develop a map that makes Gravel hearts beat faster. You can access the app at:

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