New round of support approaching, zzp is ‘unjustly’ left out

Shops, catering, parties: many entrepreneurs have had to close their business from 5 p.m. since Sunday. There is again a substantial package of new corona measures, at least for three weeks. And with that, a lot of turnover goes up in smoke again.

The cabinet is coming with extra support, on top of the already announced Fixed Charges Allowance (TVL). The wage support Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW) is back and can be invoked in the event of a 20 percent loss in turnover for the months of November and December. And the option for companies to pay their taxes later will be extended until the end of this year.

It is enough?

It is enough? “For the next three weeks, yes,” says Hans Biesheuvel, chairman of Ondernemend Nederland. “But if this takes longer, more needs to be done.”

According to the leader of the entrepreneurs’ club, the criterion for loss of turnover at the NOW (20 percent) and the TVL (30 percent) is difficult for many companies because they have performed too well in recent weeks. “We think something needs to be done about that,” he says.

Mood bad

The mood among entrepreneurs is not improving, Biesheuvel knows. “There used to be anger, now it’s more and more despondent,” he says. Entrepreneurs have been knocked down. “Also because due to the high absenteeism rate, they can hardly complete their occupation anymore.”

Many entrepreneurs in affected sectors, such as the catering industry, are far from happy with the measures and are demanding full compensation. According to Biesheuvel, however, the biggest problem is the lack of clarity. “At first everything is allowed, then not. I understand that it is difficult, but give entrepreneurs an honest story. Then they can at least plan.”

Self-employed skipped

The self-employed also seems to be left out when it comes to support. The social assistance scheme for self-employed entrepreneurs (TOZO) is not on the menu. “I have the impression that people think, the fewer self-employed people the better. They are skipped and that is not right,” says Biesheuvel.

Roos Wouters, chairman of the Werkvereniging interest group, is unhappy about the situation for self-employed workers. “Opening up the TOZO is the least the cabinet can do, and that is already a scant arrangement compared to the NOW,” she says.

wedge driven

According to her, a wedge is being driven between two hard-working groups in society. The self-employed can take the blows themselves, where others can help. “And if you don’t make it, the assistance remains. So you can’t rely on the government and that makes you feel unsafe,” says Wouters.

She would like to see things leveled out for all entrepreneurs. But the cabinet seems to think otherwise: “They say there is plenty of work, so look for something else.”

It is not yet known when the debate on the additional emergency aid package will take place.

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