New social platform: Tesla closes forum, presents headquarters for clubs and campaigns

If you will, Tesla has long had its own social network, and that is called Twitter. CEO Elon Musk has 48.5 million followers there, and when he is not active himself, his followers jump into the breach with new information and memes. In addition, the company has so far also operated a forum on its own website, which is now to be closed. Even so, Tesla may have plans to create a new home for owners of its products on the Internet.

Support for Tesla concerns

If you go to the page since Friday, you will see new information there: From March 15, only the articles that are already there should be read and no new ones can be posted. To “continue the conversation with the Tesla community,” visitors are encouraged to go to instead.

There you are greeted by a Tesla Model 3 Performance under the heading “Tesla Engagement Hub”, which can best be translated as Tesla Contact Center, but the English engagement now also stands for social commitment by companies. One can take action there in favor of Tesla and the movement for cleaner energy, it is explained further.

Some campaigns can already be found in the Tesla commitment. One of the articles is about emergency aid for people in Texas after the devastating winter weather there in January. For Nebraska, Tesla seeks support for a law that will allow the direct sale of cars in the state. Another post tells of a girl whose wish was fulfilled to drive a Tesla one day, and in the fourth Tesla lists upcoming club events.

Consolation for forum closure?

At the bottom of the page there is also more about what it is all about. Tesla Engage is a new platform for their own political team and clubs of Tesla owners, it says there. Their goal is to create a “digital home” for their own work and to make it easier for members of the Tesla community to find out about current projects, get involved and stay up to date.

Word of this Tesla offer (and the setting of the forum, which is not too lively anyway) quickly got around on Twitter, and many took advantage of the opportunity to comment on the posts that were already there. There were also complaints about the end of the forum and the Tesla service, and in between the page could not be accessed properly due to a high load. It worked again on Saturday morning in Germany, but comments could no longer be accessed or set.


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According to the information, the post with the Engage declarations is from January 2020, which suggests that Tesla has not just created this platform. However, she was not known so far. In this respect, it initially remained open whether more should happen with it or whether Tesla only presented it as a consolation for the closure of its forum.


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