New study shows the first successes of the vaccination campaign in Israel

An elderly gentleman is vaccinated in Israel.

 Nir Alon / ZUMA Wire

It is a sign of hope: According to a new study, Israel’s vaccination campaign is showing initial successes, and the number of new infections in the group of those vaccinated is falling significantly. In its study, the health insurance company Clalit compared around 200,000 vaccinated people over 60 with a group of non-vaccinated people of the same size and of the same age.

“This is the most interesting age group in terms of the effectiveness of the vaccine,” says Ran Balicer, Chief Medical Officer of the health insurance company. The results affect people from both groups who had to take corona tests for various reasons – for example because they had symptoms or had contact with sick people. “The proportion of those who tested positive – whether symptomatic or asymptomatic – was 33 percent lower in the vaccinated group than in the non-vaccinated group,” said Balicer.

“Encouraging result”

The epidemiologist speaks of an “encouraging result that shows that the vaccine is also effective in older people”. He therefore expects that the number of seriously ill corona patients will decrease shortly.

Israel started its vaccination campaign around a month ago and is considered a global pioneer. More than two million people have already received the first and around a quarter of a million the second dose. According to Balicer, 75 percent of people over 60 have already been vaccinated.


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