new surge in the price of superchargers?

Already revised upwards at the end of last year, the price of Tesla superchargers seems to have increased again in France.

Traveling in a Tesla will cost you more! According to several testimonies relayed on the Clean Automobile forum, the American manufacturer would have discreetly revised upwards the prices applied on its supercharging network.

In October 2020, the price of superchargers had already fallen from 0.24 to 0.30 € / kWh. It is now set at 0.37 € / kWh, which corresponds to an additional increase of 23%. In the end, the price of Tesla’s charging network in France will have increased by 13 cents in less than 6 months, an increase of more than 50%.

October 2020January 2021
0.24 € / kWh0.30 € / kWh0.37 € / kWh

Unfortunately, Tesla’s website no longer lists the price list for superchargers. Automobile Propre tried unsuccessfully to contact the manufacturer’s teams to officially confirm the information.

New Tesla Supercharger Award

Image posted on the Clean Automobile forum

A price that is close to Ionity

In the end, the new tariff applied by Tesla on its superchargers is similar to that offered by Ionity to its subscribers.

For Volkswagen ID.3 owners, the WeCharge subscription is billed at 9.99 € / month for the first year and allows access to Ionity terminals at a rate of 0.30 € / minute.

Author’s opinion

Coming the day after the significant price reduction on the Model 3, this price increase on Tesla superchargers will only make people happy. It is not really surprising, however.

Faced with the success of its sedan, the manufacturer will have to invest heavily in the extension of its network to avoid saturation. Connection, civil engineering, installation, maintenance, etc. Developing and maintaining a rapid charging network of such magnitude is very expensive for the manufacturer. In the end, it makes sense that this ends up being passed on to the end customer. Hopefully, however, Tesla plays the game by meeting the targets for new superchargers announced for 2021.


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