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New to stream from this week: ‘Lupine’ with Omar Sy, new seasons ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Platlist’ and ‘Dickinson’, Oscarkanshebber ‘Pieces Of A Woman’ and Nicolas Cage and the history of swear words

The new year has really started and that is also reflected in the number of new series titles. It’s cold outside and dark early: the perfect excuse to lock yourself in this weekend and binge some series. Just about every streaming service is valid this week, so there is more than enough choice.


Netflix turns out this week with Lupine, a production of Netflix France where something is expected. The lead role is played by the ever-lovable Omar Sy. There was little more to read about the show in advance than “inspired by the books of Maurice Leblanc”, but after seeing the first three episodes we can speak of the first surprise of this year. Lupine is more than just an adaptation of the books about the gentleman thief. This is also none Sherlock and no Perry Mason and anyone who after the first ten minutes thinks, “Oh, I know this: this is Ocean’s Eleven”: It isn’t.

They are also starting their series year at Apple. The offer on AppleTV + is still not gigantic, but with Dickinson they already have a series of which the first season was very popular. In the second season it is still Hailee Steinfeld who gives shape to the poet Emily Dickinson, one of the greatest poets of the nineteenth century. At the end of the first season, the poet rebelled against her parents, now she is convinced to publish her poems. Dickinson has nothing of a traditional costume drama, but has just become a very modern series about empowerment, ambition and claiming your rights as a woman.

The second season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is up on January 5 Streamz has started and is therefore already waiting for you. This series – about a young woman who can hear the innermost thoughts of the people around her in the form of musical and dance numbers – was also a pleasant surprise. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is fresh, cheerful, a bit tragic and invites you to sing along. In the second season Jane Levy learns more and more about the how and why of her special power. And the new season also clears up the cliffhangers that last season left us with.

Still up Streamz can you now the fifth season of The Magicians find. After the survival of the magic was saved in the nick of time in season four, the series now knows in it fifth season her conclusion. In it, Julia, Alice, Eliot, Margo, Penny and their friends notice that saving the magic comes with side effects.

A series that will not stop Grey’s Anatomy. It sixteenth (!) season can now be found at Amazon Prime. In it, Meredith has to compete to get her medical license back.

On Streamz they are still unpacking with a Norwegian series by Lumière from 2015: in The Heavy Water War: Stopping Hitler’s Atomic Bomb in which the English learned about Hitler’s secret nuclear weapons program with the help of the Norwegian resistance movement and launched a sabotage campaign at Norsk Hydro, a power plant near Telemark in central Norway.

Disney has a kind of commercial for their own Marvel movies and series on their platform Disney + released. For those who want to get into the MCU, but can use a refresher, Disney shows in different episodes what the highlights were for each character. The first two episodes of Marvel Studios LEGENDS are now online and deal with Wanda Maximoff and Vision, in the run-up to the new series WandaVision which starts next week.

New movies

Pieces Of A Woman is one of the Oscar candidates of Netflix in this award season. Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf play Martha and Sean in that movie, a couple from Boston who are expecting their first child. When the child dies during a home birth, Martha’s life is overcome by a deep grief that has a profound impact on her marriage.

Vanessa Kirby – known for The Crown – has been mentioned in the list of potential Oscar nominees for her performance in this film for much longer. But for Shia LaBeouf, that opportunity now seems to have been lost. Netflix has decided to stop promoting the actor after singers FKA Twigs and Sia, who both had a relationship with the actor, accused him of emotional and physical violence.

You can now, among other things, on the Sooner film platform The Burnt Orange Heresy found in the Cinema @ Home section. The film follows the story of Joseph Cassidy, a wealthy art collector who is played by none other than Mick Jagger. He hires a couple to steal an artwork from a famous artist.

Older movies

Furthermore, they mainly have with Amazon Prime well done their best. Among other things, a number of films by Oscar-winning directors have been added. The Revenant, the collaboration between director Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Leonardo DiCaprio, can now be found on the platform. Alfonso Cuarón achieved success in 2013 with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in the poetic space film Gravity. And before Ben Affleck won Oscars with Argo he had with The Town (2010) already show that he could put together a film. We see Ben Affleck in this movie as a member of a gang of bank robbers.

We see more star actors in the surprisingly good scammer film Focus (2015). Will Smith teaches Margot Robbie the tricks of the trade. Or so he thinks. We can admire a younger Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. In this Oscar success, he portrays the brilliant mathematician Johnny Nash who becomes involved in a mysterious conspiracy.

We recommend those looking for a dash of horror A Cure For Welness (2016). Director Gore Verbinski tells the story of a man (Dane DeHaan) who travels to the Swiss Alps to pick up his boss from a psychiatric hospital. Once there, it appears that his boss has disappeared. Who the more for the Cloverfieldmovies: the second movie in the series – 10 Cloverfield Lane – can now also be found at Amazon Prime. Part 1, Cloverfield, it says on Streamz. The third part, The Cloverfield Paradox, is available on that platform as Netflix Original.

Finally, we also ask your attention for the now Netflix find underrated drama The Front Runner, a movie that really deserves better than that 6.1 on IMDb. In the film, Hugh Jackman portrays politician Gary Hart who will likely compete against Republican candidate George H.W. in the 1988 presidential election. Bush. That is, until it was revealed that he was having an extramarital affair.


The new title that made us frown the most this week was History Of Swear Words, available on Netflix. In this real documentary series it is Nicolas Cage who presents and who, together with us and an army of experts, goes in search of the roots of swear words in the English language. Are in the first season fuck, shit, bitch, dick, pussy and damn on the program.

Nicolas Cage is not the last big name we will mention this week, as none other than Martin Scorsese signs up for the new Netflix documentary Pretend It’s A City. In this surprise documentary, which fortunately also has a laugh, the American critic and essayist Fran Lebowitz walks through New York. Scorsese himself – also a New York fan – shares his stories about the city that is still in the middle of a nightmare due to the corona crisis.

For those interested in a foreign prison: Alloo In The Foreign Prison has not been on the screen for a while, but Netflix already has five seasons long Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons. The new season of three new episodes will visit prisons in South Africa, the Philippines and Greenland.

And finally, also on Netflix, there is the six-part series Surviving Death. In six episodes the series tries to answer our questions about and our fascination with death. To this end, experiences of people who have faced death are used and from there an attempt is made to determine the meaning and nonsense of, among other things, near-death experiences, reincarnation and paranormal phenomena.


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