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New to stream from this week: Season 2 of ‘Beau Séjour’ and ‘Snowpiercer’ has started, ‘Bonding’ is back and big names in new films ‘The Dig’, ‘Penguin Bloom’ and ‘Palmer’

Also this week there is no shortage of new titles on the streaming services. The series is mainly about the return of some old acquaintances – such as Beau Séjour, Snowpiercer and Bonding – but there is also a lot to do with the films this week. In various titles we see top actors such as Carey Mulligan, Naomi Watts, Justin Timberlake and Ethan Hawke. More than enough choice to get through the weekend.


We will find the experience of the week on linear television on Sunday, because Sunday evening goes the second season of Beau Séjour from start on a. The series will can also be followed via VRT NU. It’s a completely new season with a new story and a new cast.

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In the new story, the Beau Séjour also no longer a hotel, but a boat. Maurice – played by Gene Bervoets – sees himself hanging from the mast of his ship. Unable to believe that he would have committed suicide, he goes in search of the truth. He is followed by a few seers such as two of his daughters and the policeman Vinnie. We had an interview with the protagonist and with Titus De Voogdt and Lize Feryn who fill in two of the important supporting roles. You can read that here.

A series based on a movie based on a graphic novel: we took a wait-and-see attitude then Snowpiercer was launched last year via Netflix, but the series became an instant hit. Unsurprisingly, then, the series is already back for one second season and that we already know that a third is on the way.

That second season has now started with a first episode. One episode will be added every week. A second train appears in that second season. That train is driven by a certain Mr. Wilford and that is the inventor of the class system in which the remaining world population resides. So tension is assured! Who the eponymous movie from Parasitedirector Bong Joon-ho from 2013 wants to watch: it has just been added to film platform Sooner.

In the second season from Bonding – available at Netflix – it’s still about Tiff and Pete, a dominatrix and her best friend whom she herself has appointed her assistant and bodyguard. Tiff is actually a psychology student at college, but needs this side job to pay for her studies. Just like in the first season, this only concerns episodes of fifteen minutes, so in less than two hours you are through the whole new season.

The corona pandemic is the second season of the HBO series Euphoria slows down. To make the wait more bearable, the makers decided to two specials to make. We have already completed the first one that turned around Rue. The second, with Jules in the lead, is now on Streamz to find. The special episodes are listed under the episodes of the first season.

Those who need a new load of Lady’s and Lords, balls, wonderful costumes and carriage transfers, but already have Bridgerton behind: on Streamz can we Belgravia Recommend, a series revolving around the secrets and scandals of 1840 London. When the Trenchards accept an invitation to the legendary ball hosted by the Duchess of Richmond on the fateful night of the Battle of Waterloo, it sets in motion a series of events which will have consequences for decades to come.

New movies

To the new movie The Dig – now on Netflix – we’ve been looking forward to it for a while. After all, Carey Mulligan is participating and you know about this actress: if she participates, it will at least be interesting. Here she plays a rich widow who, together with an archaeologist (played by Ralph Fiennes), stumbles upon an old cemetery in the late 1930s. He is commissioned to carry out excavations on her Sutton Hoo estate. They make a historical discovery related to England’s past.

Still up Netflix can you go to Penguin Bloom look. Naomi Watts plays the unfortunate Sam Bloom, who once narrowly survived an accident, resulting in paralysis. When she and her husband Cameron encounter a wounded magpie, they decide to adopt it. By the way, Andrew “Rick Grimes” Lincoln plays Naomi Watts’ husband.

Also AppleTV + launches a new film today that is softly counted among the Oscar candidates for this year. Palmer tells the story of a promising rugby player who has ended up in prison and after his release finds it painful that you cannot just shake off your past. Justin Timberlake plays his first major leading role in this film.

We can enjoy the always special Ethan Hawke Streamz + admire in Tesla. In this cult film about the inventor, Nikolas Tesla fights a tough battle to get his new invention off the ground. Displeased with Thomas Edison’s greed, he works on an AC generator and motor.

This film is called abroad Arkansas. Because it is a bit difficult for us to get a picture of the film, they have opted for the much clearer The Crime Boss. This movie – available at Streamz + – revolves around Frog, the Arkansas drug boss and his sidekicks Kyle and Swin. They follow the orders of their boss, but have never met him. But that now seems to be changing.

The musical note comes off this week White Riot, available at Sooner and the Cinema Bij Je Thuis platforms. It is an amazingly topical-looking documentary about the United Kingdom’s climate in the 1970s. Supporters of the British National Front, adorned with Nazi symbols, then marched through the streets and received explicit or implicit support from artists and artists. A counter-reaction came in the form of Rock Against Racism. What started as a somewhat obscure and local initiative, has grown into a national movement that gets huge demonstrations and concerts on its feet. The title White Riot refers to the very first single from The Clash.

Older movies

Jason Momoa as a lumberjack, it no doubt resembles many women’s fantasy, but in Braven – a film from 2018 – it becomes reality. On Amazon Prime you can see how Momoa leads a hard but simple and honest life as a lumberjack along the border between the United States and Canada. However, that changes when he discovers that a drug gang is using his remote mountain cabin as a warehouse and threatens his family to force the lumberjack to his knees.

And finally, we spotted one more outright classic that was newly added on Amazon Prime: Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman go side by side on a hunt for a serial killer Se7en. From 1995 again, but this thriller by David Fincher remains excellent, even with the thirty-third viewing.


The structure of the four-part documentary series We Are: The Brooklyn Saints on Netflix reminiscent of that of Coach Snoop – recommended again from 2016 and can be found on Netflix: American Football as a means to keep often underprivileged children off the street, to help them escape their harsh daily reality and also to give an education and some norms and values. A viewing tip, although you will have to do without Snoop Dogg this time.

Painting With John – available at Streamz – then brings back memories of the legendary Bob Ross. No Bob Ross here, because unfortunately the man has passed away for a while, but jazz musician John Lurie. We follow him working at his easel, but also at his drawing table, where he reflects on life. A meditative piece of TV that combines music, art and wisdom of life with a touch of self-perspective and humor to soon be able to enter the month of February completely relaxed.


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