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New to stream from this week: the third and final part of the ‘To All The Boys’ films, ‘News Of The World’ with Tom Hanks, ‘A Hidden Life’ and ‘Color Out Of Space’

The weekend beckons again and that means that a new batch of viewing tips is ready. This week we especially want to tip a lot of films, which can be perfectly enjoyed in combination with a blanket or a crackling fireplace.


If you haven’t had enough of the snow yet, we can still offer a portion in the form of the Icelandic crime series The Valhalla Murders. It was already broadcast on Canvas, but those who missed the series there can now also visit Netflix.

The series revolves around Katrín ‘Kata’ Hunnarsdóttir, an ambitious policewoman who wants to become the head of the Reykjavik police. But when an old man is found murdered in strange circumstances at the old harbor, Kata faces a situation over which she has little control.

There was a time when vampires were unavoidable in movies or series, now their presence is rather rare. On Streamz will it be second season launched from the vampire series Heirs Of The Night. Here we are in the Europe of 1889, and the five remaining clans of vampires in Europe are in danger of extinction. To survive, the heirs of the remaining clans are brought together in a newly created school on the ship The Elisabetha to work together and become stronger than ever, unlike their parents.

Also the Flemish series Albatross and Fair Trade have been on for a while Streamz to see. For those who swear by linear television, Monday nights will look completely different from now on. Albatross – a dramedy about people who go to a refugee camp in the Ardennes – starts Canvas. On vtm goes the crime series Fair Trade by Marc Punt. That he is also the creator of Matryoshkas you will not miss watching this crime series in which the difference between the different sides of the law often turns out to be very small. Both series will also remain available on Streamz.

New movies

Watching a movie with Tom Hanks without getting a little warm in your heart: I don’t think it’s possible. In News Of The World – after Captain Phillips Another collaboration with director Paul Greengrass – he plays Captain Kidd, a man who moves from village to village to read the news in a country damaged and divided by the recent Civil War. In this way he hopes to bring people a bit of diversion, courage or hope, a flight from their harsh everyday reality. Kidd is on his way when he meets a girl who turns out to have grown up in Indian territory and who no longer has parents. The captain decides to take her to an aunt and uncle himself.

News Of The World is this week’s best new movie and can be found at Netflix. Tom Hanks explores new areas for him, it is the first western in which he plays. Also in this movie you will find the warm beating heart that is actually in almost all Hanks movies. Whether he’s on a desert island, at the airport, in the studio of a children’s show or, like here, on the road with a horse and cart, Hanks’s great strength is that you would always just want to sit next to him.

At least as many people are looking forward to To All The Boys: Always And Forever, it capstone of the rom-com trilogy that became wildly popular on Netflix. It started with an old love letter and became a new love. What does the future hold for Lara Jean and Peter? As Lara Jean Covey prepares for the end of high school and the beginning of her adult life, a number of life-changing journeys make her rethink the future with her family, her friends and her boyfriend Peter.

On Amazon Prime they unpack with The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things, a teen film about Mark who, to his satisfaction, is stuck in a loop in which he relives a day over and over again. He moves smoothly through his day and has more time to do whatever he would like to do. But when he meets Margaret, who is in the same situation, his world suddenly changes. A special bond develops between the two and they wonder whether or not they ever want to get out of this constructed bubble again.

On Streamz + we want to do with dot A Hidden Life recommend, a film that ended very high in our end-of-year list at the end of 2020. Terence Malick dedicates this film to all silent heroes. People that hardly anyone knows about, but because of whose contribution – however small – we live in a different, better world today. The three hours – about a farmer who refuses to swear allegiance to Hitler and pays a heavy price for it – are beautiful and A Hidden Life we see once again all the style elements that are so characteristic of Malick come to fruition. The voice-over, the beautiful shots of nature, the contemplative silence: it all adds to the experience. The fact that both August Diehl and Valerie Pachner are two wonderful actors only makes that image even more beautiful. Terrence has had Malick on for three years A Hidden Life sit assemble, but the result is good.

On the On Demand services from Telenet and Proximus you can from now on Kajillionaire find. In it, Robert and Theresa, who live in a bare business building with their daughter Old Dolio, go in search of 1500 dollars to pay their rent arrears. Daughter Old Dolio has devised a scam for this with a travel insurance that would put them out of debt in one fell swoop. But for that, the family has to fly to New York, and the journey doesn’t go as Old Dolio expected.

With Kajillionaire we have arrived at the more alienating – read: often the more interesting – films and so on Streamz + still a few to be found this week. In About Endlessness – Roy Andersson’s most recent film – for example, the soft voice of a woman guides us through a story that tells us the eternal tale of humanity’s pursuit.

Color Out Of Space – also Streamz + – is about the opposite of the above movie. You can see Nicolas Cage at work again in his ever-increasing collection of strange films. This time he plays Nathan Gardner who has retired to the countryside with his family. When a meteorite crashes in the garden, their quiet family life is disrupted. The environment turns into a prison when an alien organism infects the farm.

For the fans of animation films, two very different films have been added to Streamz +. First and foremost, we want to Weathering With You as a tip. The film is set in Japan during a period of exceptionally rainy weather. It tells the story of Hodaka, a high school schoolboy. Hodaka flees to Tokyo and befriends Hina, an orphaned girl who can manipulate the weather.

For the younger children there is – you have to do something during the holiday – Corgi, an animated film about Rex, the British queen’s best-loved dog. One day, when he gets separated from his boss, he stumbles upon a fighting club where all kinds of different dogs compete against each other. The film is available in Streamz + in both Dutch and the original version.

Older movies

On Amazon Prime it is beautiful Zodiac (2007) added. This film tells the true story of a notorious serial killer who lived in San Francisco in the late 1960s. This killer, who was never caught, left strange clues and letters with his victims. This method and the fact that he was never arrested still gives him legendary status. The director is David Fincher, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Brian Cox and Robert Downey Jr. to recognize.

Still up Amazon Prime is now too Batman Begins (2005), allowing Christopher Nolan’s entire Batman trilogy to be viewed on that platform. And Batman Begins that tells… er… where it all started.

On Netflix Finally, a lot of Scandinavian films have been added. We would particularly like to recommend one of that exhaustively long list: Anklaget (Accused) from 2005. In it, a young girl sues her father for sexual abuse. Vadar and mother are shocked by the complaint. The lawsuit affects all three lives, and all three must try to distinguish logical thoughts and lies.


For lovers of true crime there is Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel. In the four part Netflixseries focuses on the disappearance of a Canadian 22-year-old girl who was passing through in 2003 and disappeared. Just because she stayed in The Cecil Hotel, this story became big. After all, the Cecil Hotel already had a dubious reputation for this business. After all, it turned out to be a well-known building for drug addicts, criminals and serial killers.

And then there is Five Came Back: The Reference Films, a collection of propaganda films from 1945. They are an addition to – and can therefore be viewed together with – Five Came Back, an excellent three-part documentary series Netflix which examines the progaganda past of Hollywood greats of the time – John Ford, Frank Capra, John Huston and William Wyler. This series is highly recommended, the propaganda films that have now been added can be viewed with a critical look at the spirit of the times in which they appeared. About how the power of film can also be used in the wrong way.


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