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New to stream this week: series ‘Years & Years’ and ‘Firefly Lane’, film ‘Malcolm & Marie’ and classics ‘Grease’, ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Gandhi’

We have already passed the first month of 2021 and in the field of series and films it is relatively quieter than in other years. Corona’s fault, no doubt. Still, there is always something to watch: this week we are especially curious about the Netflix movie Malcolm & Marie, from Euphoriadirector Sam Levinson with Zendaya and John David Washington. And on Amazon Prime they’ve opened a can of movie classics.


We start with Years & Years, a series from 2019 that has already been broadcast on BBC and was already for sale on myLum, but now also via Amazon Prime is visible. The series has six episodes and tells a story of one family over fifteen years. The story of Years And Years starts in 2019 and will run until 2035.

In Years & Years we flash into the future along the re-election of Trump, conflicts in Ukraine, the death of Merkel and Trump, who is at odds with China. At the same time, the extreme right-wing politician Vivienne Rook itself is emerging in Great Britain, a role of Emma Thompson who is acting with visible pleasure and who gives voice to the gut feeling of an increasing proportion of the British population. When this series came out, there was no pandemic yet, but we now know that every possible future is possible. Years & Years one that portrays us hopefully we can escape. Well good television.

Firefly Lane is a series in which Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke play two friends who have known each other for over thirty years and who have been through a lot of joys and sorrows together. One chose fame and fortune, the other marriage and motherhood. The story of the girlfriends is alternately told in the present and in the past. Netflix promises a cozy winter series, ideal for a snow week with freezing temperatures.

Also the Spanish series Cidade Invisível (Invisible City) is new on Netflix. In it, crime and otherworldly mystery are mixed together in a story about an underground world inhabited by mythical creatures. A detective is trapped in a murder investigation that puts him in the middle of a battle between these two worlds.

New movies

We are especially curious about the new films Malcolm & Marie, on Netflix. Zendaya and John David Washington – two young promising talents – face each other here in a story about filmmaker Malcolm.

He returns home with his girlfriend after they have attended a festive film premiere. It looks like Malcolm can count on both commercial success and critical acclaim. However, the evening takes an unexpected turn as revelations of their relationship come to light and their love for each other is put to the test. The critics of the film are variable, but those who like the film will immediately find it very good.

A musical note has run out Netflix can be found at Rocketman, the biopic about Elton John that is towering above us Bohemian Rhapsody tower and bring the songs of Elton John naturally and creatively into a film about the life of the musical legend. The excellent lead role is for Taron Egerton.

Also with Streamz + they have opened up a new can of films. And also JoJo Rabbit, the hit film that managed to divide its audience like no other. Anyone who saw it thought it was either great or very bad. Unfortunately we belonged to the second category, but try it out yourself. The story revolves around JoJo who maintains a friendship with an imaginary Hitler.

Also available on Streamz +: The Operative, a film that did not make it to the cinema for known reasons. In it, Diane Kruger plays a spy who is called in to go undercover in Tehran for Mossad. The story was based on the bestselling book by former Israeli intelligence officer Yiftach Reicher Atir.

We refer the added value seeker to Evge on Sooner, a film that responds to contemporary political tensions and tells a story about a father who loses his eldest son in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Mustafa, the father in question, then decides to return the boy’s body to his homeland: Crimea.

Older movies

With the ‘older’ films we start with a fairly recent copy, but one that is really worthwhile: Lean On Pete on Sooner. On The Rider after it is the most beautiful horse movie we know. The film tells the story of the introverted and neglected teenager Charley. No wonder that Charley seizes the opportunity to stand on his own two hands. He arranges a job with the grumpy horse driver Del Montgomery (Steve Buscemi). Charley finds an unexpected soulmate in the horse Lean on Pete, but it looks like it won’t last.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) is another one that we look at every chance we get. We also tip this film by Guillermo Del Toro now that it has been added to the catalog on Sooner. Always described as an adult fairytale, this film takes us on a dark and sensitive journey through a Spain facing war. Tragic, moving and with an artistic direction that is as enchanting as it is terrifying.

From the same year we find on Amazon Prime Dreamgirls, then nominated for eight Oscars. The film is part of the Eddie Murphy package that Amazon Prime unleashes on us. For his achievement Dreamgirls After all, Murphy was also nominated for an Oscar in the category Actor in a Supporting Role.

Amazon Prime will release on March 5 Coming 2 America, the highly anticipated sequel Coming To America, from 1988. Fans of Eddie Murphy can now indulge in some of the classic 1980s film successes that made the actor the most popular of his kind in that decade. Next Coming To America are also still 48 Hrs. (1982) and Beverly Hills Cop (1984) can be found.

For lovers of the classics, this week is definitely a treat, because the ultimate Scorsese classic Goodfellas is on Amazon Prime added. The Mafia classic in which young Henry (Ray Liotta) dreams of joining Jimmy Conway’s (Robert De Niro) gang is now on show.

It lasted three hours Gandhi (1982) by director Richard Attenborough with Ben Kingsley in the lead role is on Netflix to find. This classic won no less than eight Oscars.

And for those who want it all a bit lighter: Grease (1978) is on Netflix added. The film can now be found there, but also on Streamz.


One title to this week’s documentaries: Les Chroniques De Clichy-Montfermeil. This documentary series – which can be seen via Streamz – shows director Ladj Ly (who of Les Misérables) see how renowned photographer JR produces a monumental fresco that brings together some 800 faces from the two communes of the Paris region: Clichy and Montfermeil, epicenters of the events that took place in the suburbs in the fall of 2005.


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