New trailer for Genshin Impact shows Ganyu in dreamy action

It won’t be long before players from Genshin Impact finally throwing old rocks around again. From January 12th there will be a new summoning banner in the popular Gacha Adventure. This will focus on the 5-star character Ganyu. The blue-haired fighter is part of the cryo-element and fights with a bow. In addition to you, you also have an increased chance of the 4-star characters Noelle, Xiangling and Xingqui in the new summoning banner.

In a new trailer, miHoYo shows us what Ganyu looks like in action. Even if her attacks look very imposing, don’t be fooled: if you look at her skills, Ganyu is more of a support character and not necessarily causing damage to your main unit. However, with the right equipment, Ganyu will also score high. You can find out more about Ganyu’s talents and skills in this post on the official website.

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, mobile devices and PCs. You can find the PC client and more information about Genshin Impact on the official website. A publication on other platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, is already being planned. The title will also appear on PlayStation 5 with revised graphics and loading times. But Genshin Impact has already grossed over $ 245 million. The soundtrack is already available on Spotify and Co.!

via Siliconera, images: Genshin Impact, miHoYo


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