New travel warnings for Serbia, Bosnia & Co

Due to the rising corona numbers there, the federal government should issue travel warnings again on Wednesday, the reports Press.

Specifically affected: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania and possibly also Montenegro. The relevant foreign ministry did not want to deny or confirm the report. It is only referred to a press conference on Wednesday, title: “News about Corona with regard to freedom of travel”.

If the government takes this step, it would be a reversal of the process of opening the border to European countries that began in early June. Austria lifted the Corona travel restrictions for almost all EU countries last month.

The measure is said to discourage Austrians or third-country nationals with family roots in the region from spending their summer vacation in the Western Balkans. Nothing changes in the existing border regime, as a 14-day compulsory quarantine or the submission of a negative corona test for entry from these countries has already applied.


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