New: Update PS5 controllers directly from your Windows PC

PC owners can now update their Dualsense wireless controller via an app for Windows.

Sony released a Windows app this week that allows you to update the firmware for the Playstation 5’s Dualsense wireless controller directly on your PC. The software is called “Firmware Updater for the DualSense Wireless Controller” and can be downloaded directly from the website for free.

Firmware update directly on the Windows PC

The PC app requires at least Windows 10 in the 64-bit version or Windows 11 and a USB port with which the Dualsense wireless controller is connected to the PC. And this is how the firmware update of the controller works via the PC:

  1. Launch the DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Updater app on your PC

  2. Connect your Dualsense wireless controller to your PC using a USB cable

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, do not turn off your PC or unplug the USB cable during the update

  4. The completion of the update is indicated by a message on the screen

  5. Click OK to complete the update

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