New Whatsapp function: Leave groups secretly

Messenger Whatsapp wants to enable its users to secretly leave groups in the future.

After Whatsapp recently added a new group feature for up to 512 users to its messenger in the beta, the developer is now working on another new function for group chats.

Groups can be left secretly

If users previously wanted to leave a group chat, all group members were informed about this step via a system message in the chat history. It should also be possible to secretly leave groups in the future. As a current beta version of Whatsapp suggests, in the future only group administrators will be informed when a user leaves a group. A system notification is no longer displayed in the chat history. For all other group participants, however, the telephone number of the user who leaves a group is no longer visible.

Feature is part of the desktop beta

A screenshot from the WhatsApp desktop beta provides information about this new function. However, the feature will likely make its way into iOS and Android Whatsapp betas soon as well. In a future update, more users should see the new feature. It is still unclear when the function will be rolled out for all Whatsapp users.

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