New year, new rules | Best tech of 2021 | Are the French also putting on the corona reins?

New year, new rules. Traditionally, all kinds of new laws and regulations will apply on the first day of the new year, and that also affects your wallet. These are the most important changes in a row.

High-profile abuse process. Twelve jurors gather in New York to pass judgment on Ghislaine Maxwell, the much-discussed right-hand man of the late abuse billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell could face seventy years in prison for her help with the sexual abuse of four victims. Although the jury needs some time.

French are pulling reins. In France, too, a negative test may soon not be enough. The pass sanitary that you still get according to the well-known 3-rule (vaccinated, cured, tested) becomes if possible practically a vaccination certificate. The French cabinet will meet today to discuss the plan.

Grab prices. Our colleagues from Bright have voted the very-very-best tech of 2021 – divided into nine categories such as smartphones, e-bikes, cars, smart devices. The first Bright Awards will be presented live to the winners from 6 p.m. You can watch the announcement here or on the trusted Bright YouTube channel.

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This piece was the most shared this Christmas weekend: Whether it is about curbing high inflation, compensating for high energy bills or phasing out emergency aid: don’t react to every figure, but give society perspective in which direction it is heading. That says CPB director Pieter Hasekamp in his year-end interview with RTL Z.

We think you should also read this: Taxpayers who paid wealth tax on their savings in 2017 and 2018 can claim money back from the Tax Authorities. The government has levied too much tax, the Supreme Court ruled. “A judgment with great impact,” according to the tax authorities.

And this is what you might have missed this Christmas: On Saturday, after much delay, the James Webb telescope finally went into space. For twenty years, the Dutchman Maurice te Plate worked on building the largest space telescope ever, which hopefully can tell us more about the very first stars and galaxies that formed. “Who knows, we might be completely wrong with the big bang.”

This could come along at the virtual coffee machine:

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PS The staff shortage in childcare has become so high that organizations unilaterally terminate the agreement with parents. This will happen more often in the near future, says the Childcare Branch Organization (BK).

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