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New Year’s Eve classic: How to make raclette vegan too

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It’s one of the most popular dishes on Christmas or New Year’s Eve: raclette. For hours we melt cheese in small pans and roast vegetables on the electric grill. Raclette is also so popular because it is easy to prepare and everyone can put together their own creation as they wish. Vegetarians can easily eat along by filling their pans with delicious vegetables such as corn, tomatoes or peppers.

It gets a little more complicated when the raclette is supposed to be completely vegan. The biggest challenge comes with the cheese – the main ingredient. So what can potatoes and the like be baked with when dairy products are taboo? Three vegan bloggers explain what the best cheese alternatives are and how the New Year’s Eve classic works even without animal products.

With these 6 tips, your vegan raclette will be a hit


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