New Year’s Eve: Funny WhatsApp sayings for New Year for your status

Tired of boring New Year’s wishes? With these status sayings, (black) humor will not be neglected in 2022 either.

On no other day of the year do smartphones run as hot as on New Year’s Eve. With a loud saying in WhatsApp status or on other social platforms, you can quickly and easily congratulate your contacts on the New Year and put a smile on their faces – or maybe a smile, because the following sayings celebrate the New Year with plenty of humor and self-irony.

Funny status sayings for New Year’s Eve

Whether in Whatsapp, Instagram or other social networks – with these original sayings you will definitely put a good mood! Copy the most beautiful sayings into the status and share it with the world or personally with friends and acquaintances. Our tip: Decorate the sayings with matching New Year’s Eve emojis such as champagne glasses and rockets.

  • To everyone who sent me congratulations on New Year’s Eve in 2021: Nothing happened! Send me either money, vodka or fuel vouchers for 2022.

  • I don’t need a New Year’s Eve fireworks! I’m a blast all year round!

  • You can send me the money for firecrackers via PayPal. Then at midnight I will send you a voice message with “Bang!”

  • My resolutions for the new year are like my to-do list: after many years they are still cutting-edge!

  • My goal for 2022 is to achieve the 2021 goals that I set for 2020 because in 2019 I planned to do what I wanted to achieve in 2018, because in 2017 I failed to meet the 2016 goals.

  • What does it mean here with bells and whines? It’s your cell phone: for the new year, all the best!

  • Your horoscope for the next year! Money: the stars smile. School / job: the stars are smiling. Health: the stars smile. Love: the stars laugh at each other.

  • New Year’s Eve is probably the only evening that causes snorts, annoyed expressions and rolled eyes when you ask people about what they are up to.

  • In the New Year I wish you a glass of wine for every problem in order to bridge the time until a solution.

  • Happy New Year! What we did wrong in the old, we start again today.

Do you know any other New Year’s sayings that fit this list perfectly? Then write to us on Instagram. There are more WhatsApp sayings here:

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