New Year’s Eve | Year of political uncertainty and chaos | And that’s how you deliver a New Year’s speech

It’s New Years Eve. Woo-o, tonight you can’t invite two, but a maximum of four people at home! To watch Najib Amhali’s first New Year’s Eve conference, for example. Or to Peter Pannekoek’s New Year’s Eve conference. Just before twelve o’clock, all RTL channels also broadcast the national fireworks in Rotterdam on TV, but that has already been recorded before.

Today is also the last day that you can switch to another health insurer. You can save a lot of money, but it is wise not only to pay attention to the money. Because not all basic insurance policies are the same. We summarize the considerations for you again.

From caretaker cabinet, the allowance affair to Function Elsewhere: Rarely has a political year been marked by so much chaos and uncertainty. Ministers alternated rapidly and forming a new cabinet seemed impossible for a long time. Political reporter Frits Wester (RTL Nieuws) looks back. To rule a country in a time of political unrest. You can see it at 11 a.m. on RTL Z.

Almost New Year’s Eve: the moment when you as a manager can address your employees. A New Year’s speech can be a challenge anyway, and the pandemic and associated lockdown (hello speech via Teams) don’t make things any easier. This way you cycle through it a bit more smoothly.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday:
The new cabinet will be on the platform on January 10 and so the ministerial posts have been divided. Hugo de Jonge and Wopke Hoekstra of the CDA will not return to their current posts. De Jonge becomes Minister for Housing. D66 leader Sigrid Kaag is the intended Minister of Finance. She would become the first female finance minister.

We think you should also read this:
A British bank accidentally gave thousands of people a ‘Christmas present’ on Christmas Day. Due to a technical error at the British bank Santander, payments were made twice. In total, almost 155 million euros was transferred to 75,000 accounts. Getting the money back will not be an easy task.

And you may have missed this yesterday:
“I recognize the term mop policy. But it is an enormous maneuver for the cabinet,” says Roland Koopman about the government measures to combat corona. “It is positive that many people have been kept at work and that there are few bankruptcies. But corona support packages now also have disadvantages.”

This could come along at the coffee machine:

Good day!

ps Due to the corona pandemic we have started working from home more and more. The cluttered attic or extra bedroom regularly has to make way for a home workplace. The things that are there are increasingly going to a rented storage facility. Smaller entrepreneurs also benefit from this.

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