New York governor apologizes after allegations

Cuomos crisis management in corona crisis

Cuomo has been a beacon of hope for many Americans since the beginning of the corona pandemic in New York almost a year ago. The democrat promised to orient his politics according to scientific necessities. He presented himself as an alternative to the then Republican US President Donald Trump. In fact, Cuomo’s crisis management has earned him a lot of praise, including from the renowned US immunologist Anthony Fauci. In fact, New York got the corona situation somewhat under control after a real explosion in the number of infections in spring 2020.

Cuomo recently came under pressure because of the high death toll in nursing homes. The background to this is that the number of deaths in homes in New York has recently been revised upwards sharply – from 8,500 to more than 15,000. Multiple media – including the New York Times – reported that state MPs suspect Cuomo is masking the proportions. As a consequence, they planned to restrict his powers to directly issue emergency measures. It was also revealed that the Federal FBI and investigators in New York State were investigating government practices regarding nursing homes.

According to a survey, the approval ratings for Cuomo have fallen significantly. The Marist Institute announced a few days ago that 49 percent of New Yorkers said the governor did a good job – last July it was 66 percent.


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