New York wants to vaccinate tourists against Covid-19 | Abroad

“New York is open for business, shot by shot,” Mayor Bill de Blasio wrote on Twitter. In order to be able to vaccinate tourists as well, the state must give permission. Now, in New York State, only people who live or work there are vaccinated.

De Blasio wants New York to be “fully opened” by July 1. The first steps have already been taken. More and more corona measures are being lifted. For example, since the beginning of this week, the catering industry has been allowed to receive guests again and metro’s are running day and night again. More rules will be relaxed later this month.

For some time a year ago, New York was the epicenter of the pandemic. Today, things are getting better in the metropolis. The number of infections in the city is steadily decreasing, while the vaccination campaign is proceeding rapidly.


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