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Facebook has long since become the second largest video platform on the net after YouTube. Just like YouTube, Facebook does not offer a download function for videos. Here’s how it works:

In order to save videos for later, Facebook itself only offers the bookmark function “Save Video”. You can find these during video playback in the v-menu at the top right. You can then access the saved content later via the “Saved” menu in the left source list next to the news feed, or via Incidentally, this works with any type of Facebook content, and on any device.

Facebook Video Online with Windows (without additional software)

The video is of course not available offline. If you want to download a video from Facebook, you first have to be sure that it is really on Facebook and that it is not a shared YouTube video. You can see this when playing the video, for example, on the YouTube logo in the player. In this case, of course, you have to download the video directly from Youtube. All you need to download a real Facebook video with Windows is your browser. First, open the video post, for example, by clicking on the date of the post in the newsfeed.

With the Chrome extension to the web service, you can download Facebook videos on Windows with just a few clicks. It is not necessary to link your own Facebook account. Facebook videos with Windows or Mac with additional software

Simply copy the URL of the video post into the corresponding field on the page and then click on “”. Finally, you can choose whether to download the SD or HD version of the clip.

Then simply mark and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser and paste it into fbdown or savefrom.


As a Chrome user, you can make it even easier for yourself by simply using the Chrome extension to Fb down to install. A down arrow will appear in the Chrome toolbar. Once you’ve opened a video post on Facebook, click it to download the video.

With the Android app Save Facebook Video, you can easily load Facebook clips onto your smartphone

Facebook video download with Android

NewsABC.neting videos via the web services mentioned also works on Android, of course. But there is also an easier way here. First download and install a Facebook video download app.

Via the iOS file manager like Documents 5 you can use download services like to download Facebook videos.

Facebook video download with iPhone and iPad

To save and watch Facebook videos offline on your iPhone or iPad, you first need to have a file manager like Documents 5 download and install. Then open the Facebook app, tap on “Share” for the desired video post, and then select “Copy link”. Back in Document 5, tap the Safari icon at the bottom right and open the page in the in-app browser By tapping the field “Enter the URL” and “Paste” you paste the copied link. Then tap the arrow to the right of the input field and select “”. Finally, enter a name for the file to be downloaded, select a target folder and tap “Done”. After the download is complete, the file appears in the document view of the file manager in the desired folder.


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