Next Apple Event on March 23: this is what we can expect

According to various rumors, Apple is planning another product event on March 23. There it would, among other things, propose a new iPad Pro, AirTags, AirPods 3, an update of Apple TV.

In the news: When and how Apple comes up with new products is always a bit of a gamble. Still, the most rumors Agree this time that there will be a new virtual Apple Event on March 23. There are many new products on the way.

iPad Pro 2021: This new iPad Pro would get an improved screen technology and a faster A14X chip.

  • It would be a backlit mini LED display that will make the screen better than ever.
  • There are also rumors of a new iPad mini with an 8.4-inch screen instead of 7.9-inch. Thanks to smaller bezels, the iPad itself could remain the same size as its predecessor. Most sources, however, expect that device earlier in the autumn.

AirPods 3: The most concrete rumors about new hardware from Apple are about the AirPods 3. This new version of Apple’s wireless earpieces has been expected for some time, but it is expected to arrive now.

  • In appearance, these AirPods 3 would resemble the more expensive AirPods Pro. To keep the price down, the Active Noise Canceling of the Pro version will not be available.

AirTags: Rumors have also been circulating about this new Apple product for some time. It would be a kind of object tracker, a small device – a disc or a sticker – that you can attach to something and follow it via the Find My app.

Apple TV: The hardware of Apple TV has been due for renewal for some time. What it will look like exactly remains unclear. Will Apple opt for a cheaper version or a more extensive version with a new chipset that is compatible with Apple Arcade?



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