Next Windows 11 update tightens account requirements

The next major Windows 11 update will bring an unpleasant surprise for some users: Microsoft is tightening the compulsion to use a Microsoft account.

According to a report by the IT news portal Windowslatest, Microsoft is increasing the pressure on Windows users to use a Microsoft account. Accordingly, in Windows 11 22H2, even in the Pro version, the option that Windows can only be installed on the PC with a local account should be omitted.

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Windows 11 was released more than half a year ago, but let’s be honest – the initial hype died down extremely quickly. That’s actually no wonder, because some of the much-heralded features such as the ability to install Android apps are still not included.

And in some details, the current Windows 11 version is even a bit worse than Windows 10. But at least Microsoft is currently working hard on the first major function update, which should improve many things. That is planned for autumn and should probably be called 22H2. In the current Insider Preview 22598, i.e. a beta version, you can already see a few of the improvements. We present the most exciting innovations and optimizations in this video.

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So far, this Microsoft account requirement only applies to Windows 11 Home. In 2021, the option that you can only log on to the PC with a local account to install Windows 11 will no longer exist. Instead, you have to use a Microsoft account to install Windows 11 Home, read more about it here: Annoying – Windows 11 Home requires a Microsoft account.

Autumn update brings compulsory account for Windows 11 Pro

Exactly this compulsion will soon also come for Windows 11 Pro with the delivery of version 22H2. If you use a Microsoft account to set up Windows 11, Windows 11 automatically sets up Onedrive on the PC and synchronizes the user data and some settings. In addition, a working internet connection is required for the installation of Windows 11 in this case. This change for Windows 11 Pro had already been indicated in the last test versions for insiders: Windows 11 – Microsoft account compulsion is tightened.

Just a Windows 11 version without an account requirement

This leaves only Windows 11 Enterprise without a Microsoft account. Only with this license model, which is intended for companies, can users or administrators continue to freely decide whether the Microsoft account should be used to set up Windows 11 on a computer or whether a local login that is only valid on the PC in question should be used.

With Windows 11 Pro, the account requirement can currently be circumvented as follows:

Enter “windows” as the Microsoft account and in the next step enter any password. Then the error message “Sorry, there was a problem” appears, stating that the password for this account has been entered too many times. Windows 11 Pro now allows the operating system to be used with a local user account via “Next”.

Using Windows 11 without a Microsoft account – the pros and cons

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