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Nice that everyone calls with images nowadays Culinary

A friend’s grandmother once told me that she survived the Japanese camp by secretly growing and eating peppers. Since then I think: eating a pepper every day. And make sambal yourself.

Now I’m not going to the US, basically after a nasty experience there. But I was asked to visit Tabasco. On Avery Island in Louisiana. Well, principles can get in your way. Eventually I got some seeds from the plants they use there for tabasco.

So between my books, on the shelves behind me, on the completely built-in desk in front of me, are young pepper plants. Well, I can say better. Soon they will go into the wall greenhouse that I still have to build, because they cannot stay here.

Nice that everyone calls with images nowadays. I got on the phone with my neat German sister. In her study, she’s kind of a professor.

What was there among the geography foliants? Haha, small pots with small plants. “Tomatoes,” she shouted. Oh, yes, tomatoes … sow soon.


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