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Niek finished with Bachelorette Gaby and is looking for a new princess: ‘DM me’

Niek, the losing finalist out The Bachelorette, has few nice words left for Gaby Blaaser. Bad loser or not, the cheerful Brabo is a hit on Instagram.

His nod a.k.a “the Niekje” and his now winged words are copied very often, and he is still looking for his little princess.

To graze

In one of the last episodes of The Bachelorette said Niek Marijnissen (because that’s his name from behind) that he and Gaby would be a much better match than she and Joey. “We are much more in line with humor and laughter and how we are in life.” It can be wrong, it appears today RTL Boulevard, where his view of Gaby has clearly changed. “It looks like we’ve all been taken in by her.”

“Winner” Joey

Winner Joey went back to Limburg with the last red rose of The Bachelorette, but showed a different side earlier this week, when he announced “to be completely finished with Gaby Blaaser”. Joey, who reported having had sex with Gaby on the 24-hour date, heard almost nothing from her once back in the Netherlands.

During the last episode, which has been shown on Videoland since Wednesday, the main characters are looked back. Joey is just sipping, especially when Gaby casually says she would rather have taken someone else on the 24-hour date. And then candidate Jordy, in a bright color sweater that slightly hurts the eyes, makes an appearance. The two were going to date, they said. Nobody had seen this coming, not even host Rick Brandsteder, who opposed it Subway called an episode “with a twist.”


Second-hand car salesman from Breda Niek is also not relaxed in his black shirt during the retrospective.

“At that moment I wanted to get on and off the stage, that went through my head,” he tells RTL Boulevard. “I’m sorry I didn’t, I didn’t even speak.”

And that while Rick Brandsteder had asked Gaby if she might have had a better chance with Niek, back in the Netherlands. But neither Niek nor Rick nor the Videoland viewer got an answer to that. Because then Gaby announced that “there was someone else with whom she had a certain chemistry.” So Jordy.


“I think it’s anti-social that she said she regretted her choice. I think it’s disrespectful how she said that, ”says Niek, who loves diminutives, today. “I was really stepped on my toes.” Something he also does not slide under chairs or benches, so that someone in the broadcast of RTL Boulevard a “bad loser”.

That a photo surfaced this week of Gaby with racing driver Bas Schothorst (the ex-husband of actress Melody Klaver), with whom she would have been spotted kissing, cannot count on much sympathy from the occasion-boy. “I feel cheated, I have the feeling that she has not taken it honestly and openly, that is just a pity.”

Smiley Niek

But it is not the case that the Brabander whines in a corner. With his white Colgate smile, he talks about social media from his car shop, where a modest Niek hype seems to have arisen. He is tagged on the assembly line in Instagram Stories of his followers (he has more than 156,000), who imitate him, something which he then puts back in his Instagram Stories. His well-known nod, for example, that he did just before accepting the bullseye at the point of choice, and during his smooth golf swing on a date with Gaby.

He laughs loudly, and then nods again. “I always do it to the left, I believe. Although I never realized I did that! ”

Bottle of dolls

His ‘nice bottle of dolls’ is also popular, preferably with a bottle of champagne, but also among hockey dolls toasting on the terrace, and a toddler who is just babbling her first words, with her milk bottle in hand (‘bottle of dolls?’).

Finally, a call in the camera from Niek, who is still looking for love. It has even been speculated that he would be the next Bachelor…. “Are you that sweet cute princess? Then send me a DM. ”

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Niek finished with Bachelorette Gaby and is looking for a new princess: “DM me”


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