Nightclubs and discotheques will also receive corona support after October 1

Ministers Stef Blok of Economic Affairs and Climate and Wopke Hoekstra of Finance and State Secretary Mona Keijzer write this in a letter to the House of Representatives. The Fixed Lasten Night Closure Horeca (VLN) subsidy involves an amount of 180 million euros.

“However, the forced night closure now makes it impossible for entrepreneurs in the night catering industry to generate their normal turnover,” the ministers said. “That is a bitter pill for these companies. That is why we offer the affected entrepreneurs this financial support.”

Up to 250,000 euros

To be eligible for the subsidy, entrepreneurs must have at least half the turnover in the fourth quarter than in the same period of 2019, i.e. before corona. In addition, they must have received the Fixed Charges Allowance (TVL) in the second and third quarters of this year.

In total, night entrepreneurs can receive a maximum of 250,000 euros in VLN support in the fourth quarter. However, the condition is that since the start of the corona support, they do not receive more than 1.8 million euros in government support for fixed costs. This is the maximum amount they can receive according to European rules.

improving economy

At the end of August, the outgoing cabinet decided to stop the regular support packages as of 1 October, such as the TVL, the Tozo (for self-employed), the NOW (salary support) and TONK (necessary costs). This is due to the positive economic outlook.

It is still unknown when the nightlife will open again. In November, the cabinet will decide whether the mandatory night closure can be lifted.

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