Nigrin touch-up stick Universal Turbo: practice check

Does this touch-up pen really conjure up scratches on the car?

The “Universal Turbo” touch-up pen from Nigrin is intended to remove scratches from all paints that are covered with clear varnish. Can this really work? AUTO BILD has tested the universal touch-up pen!

Perhaps the garage wall was in the way, a hedge came too close to the car, or it was a runaway in the supermarket parking lot: scratches in the paint are not only annoying, they also look ugly. But removing scratches is expensive, even with smart repairs, several hundred euros can be charged. Many drivers want to save money and prefer to use a touch-up pen the color of the car to touch up scratches. According to the Nigrin company, this is not necessary. At least if you believe the packaging of the Universal Touch-Up Pen Turbo, the touch-up pen should be able to remove scratches from all paintwork quickly and easilythat are covered with clear varnish. But can that really work? A touch-up pencil with clear lacquer that should also make deep scratches disappear? AUTO BILD has tested the Nigrin touch-up stick Universal Turbo!

Nigrin touch-up stick Universal Turbo in check

The universal touch-up pen from Nigrin is available in stores for 19.99 euros. On the packaging, Nigrin promises that scratches and stone chips should be removed quickly and easily. The color of the paint should not matter as long as the paint is protected by clear varnish. To test this, a dark green and a light gray bonnet from the scrap had to be used. Littered with many scratches and stone chips, the Nigrin Universal Turbo touch-up pen had to prove itself on each hood with one deep, one medium and one light scratch, as well as a stone chip. Even before the test, it is actually clear that the touch-up pencil cannot improve much on deep scratches that go down to the primer – after all, it is only filled with clear coat and not with the right vehicle paint. On the other hand, it might work for medium or light scratches. But maybe the touch-up pen will surprise you with a miracle and even make deep scratches disappear.

The application of the touch-up pencil

Using this scratch, we will show the application of the universal touch-up pencil Turbo from Nigrin as an example.

© AUTO BILD / Lars Golly

The touch-up pen is not equipped with a brush like a standard touch-up pen, but rather reminiscent of a felt-tip pen. The application is correspondingly simple. First, the scratches or stone chips and the surrounding paint surface must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Rust should also no longer be present. Before using it, it is important to shake the touch-up stick well. Then the tip of the pen has to be pressed down several times on a vertical surface so that the clear lacquer is pumped onto the tip of the pen – this is also reminiscent of many felt-tip pens. Then the varnish is applied to the scratch or stone chip. It actually works very easily and precisely. The paint must then dry for at least 15 minutes, it is cured after 90 minutes.

After curing, the clear lacquer builds up very strongly and acts like tree resin on the lacquer. The scratch is more noticeable than before.

© AUTO BILD / Lars Golly

After 90 minutes, the result looks as expected: The deep scratches are still clearly visible, the touch-up pencil did not improve anything. But on the contrary: The scratches are even more visible. This is because the clear lacquer from the pen builds up very strongly and is reminiscent of tree sap that has dripped down. This also applies to the medium and light scratches, which are also much more noticeable on both the light and dark bonnets. The Universal Turbo touch-up pen is therefore not a magic pen. A sobering result that we are not satisfied with.

Remove scratches to offer

Dr. Wack scratch polish

Price *: 12.63 euros

SONAX scratch remover

Price *: 14.40 euros

Meguiar’s scratch polish

Price *: 14.23 euros

SONAX grinding paste

Price *: 7.49 euros

3000 grit sandpaper

Price *: 6.95 euros

Einhell angle polisher

Price *: 51.65 euros

Meguiar’s high gloss polish

Price *: 15.12 euros

LICARGO microfiber cloths

Price *: 19.90 euros

* Price: Amazon price on 09/30/2021

Rework with the Nigrin paint repair set

For a better result, Nigrin recommends post-treatment with the paint repair kit.

© AUTO BILD / Lars Golly

After some research on the Nigrin website, there is a note that the scratch must also be processed with the Nigrin paint repair set for an optimal result – the note is missing on the packaging of the touch-up pen. So we bought the paint repair set for 16.99 euros to save the result. The paint repair set consists of several sheets of fine sandpaper, a coarser “repair” sanding paste and a finer “finish” sanding paste. The application is also quite simple here: With the (wet) sandpaper, carefully sand away the excess clear lacquer (caution, do not sand too deeply!) So that the lacquer surface is smooth. Then it is first polished with repair paste and then with the finish paste.

After wet sanding, the scratch is first processed with the coarser and then with the finer repair paste.

© AUTO BILD / Lars Golly

But unfortunately the result doesn’t convince us even after using the paint repair set – despite the careful work. The deep scratches and stone chips are just as visible as before. The middle scratches can no longer be felt, but are still visible. Only with dark paint are they a little less noticeable after treatment. The slight scratches have actually almost disappeared – both on the light and on the dark bonnet. The only question that arises here is whether it really happened through the application of the clear lacquer or through the processing with the sandpaper and the polishes. The result would have been similar with a good scratch polish – but with significantly less effort.

Conclusion of the practical check: does the universal touch-up pen make scratches disappear?

The scratch is less noticeable, but not gone. This is probably more due to the wet sanding and polishing than to the touch-up pencil.

© AUTO BILD / Lars Golly

The result is disappointing, but not really surprising: a touch-up stick that is suitable for all colors is a great idea; The reality is different. The touch-up pen Universal Turbo from Nigrin does not make scratches disappear simply by applying it. But on the contrary: Without reworking with the paint repair kit, the scratches are even more noticeable than before. At least with the paint repair kit, the result was better. Nevertheless, the purchase is not recommended. If you add in the effort and costs for the touch-up pencil and the paint repair set, then you are better off with a good scratch polish. And if that no longer helps, there is no getting around smart repairs.

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