Nikkei stays just above 30,000 points | Financial

The Nikkei in Tokyo eventually went 0.7 percent lower over the weekend at 30,017.92 points. On the macroeconomic front, it was announced that inflation in Japan fell 0.6 percent in January. It was the sixth month in a row that consumer prices in the country fell. The decrease in the average price level was slightly less than the decrease of 1.0 percent in December. The Japanese central bank aims to boost inflation and the economy by pumping money into the economy.

Fast Retailing, a heavyweight in the Nikkei, was among the strongest losers with a price loss of more than 2 percent. Investors took some profit in the stock. The owner of clothing chain Uniqlo has gained nearly 10 percent in value in recent days. Airlines and railway companies, which benefited from the start of the vaccination program in Japan earlier this week, were also sold. Japan Airlines and Central Japan Railway fell more than 3 percent.

The other stock markets in the Asian region showed a mixed picture.


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