Nikola significantly down on higher stock markets US | Financial

The Dow Jones Index closed 0.01% higher. Nasdaq tech exchange rose 1.2%. The broad-based S&P 500 index climbed 0.5%.

Investors’ gaze was on the US central bank umbrella, the Federal Reserve, which began its two-day policy meeting today. No changes in the policy of the US central bank are expected this week. Investors will therefore be especially curious about the explanation of Fed chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday. Particular attention will be paid to comments about new steps that the Fed can take against the corona crisis.

Technology giant Apple (+ 0.2%) was in the spotlight. Apple held a virtual event today, showcasing new smartwatches, but not new iPhones.

In addition, stock market regulator SEC is said to be investigating the allegations of deception, fraud and fraud by the manufacturer of electric vehicles Nikola (-8.3%). Investor Hindenburg Research accuses Nikola of fraud by, for example, providing incorrect information about the capabilities of its electric trucks. Nikola denies, saying that Hindenburg, as a “short seller”, wants to manipulate the stock by publishing a misleading report in order to profit from a price drop, after the strong price increase earlier.

Cruise line Carnival (-10.8%) announced plans to issue an additional $ 1 billion in new shares. In addition, Carnival expects its third-quarter net loss to be $ 2.9 billion. The company is in the process of reducing fleet capacity due to the severe impact of the corona crisis on the cruise industry.

Facebook rose 2.4%. The social media company was initially under pressure when Kim Kardashian called on her followers on Twitter to take a break from Facebook and Instagram, just like her. However, Facebook’s course then picked up again.


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