Nintendo Switch: Allegedly with OLED screen and 4K support from the end of the year

Is Nintendo planning an OLED display for its redesigned Switch console?
Is Nintendo planning an OLED display for its redesigned Switch console?

There are again reports of a new edition of the Nintendo Switch. The new version uses an OLED screen and allegedly also offers 4K functionality.

For example, a report from Bloomberg is causing old rumors to flare up again: According to this, Nintendo will deliver a Switch with an OLED screen at the end of 2021. Samsung Display acts as a supplier. The latter will deliver the panels for screens with a 7 inch diagonal to Nintendo. Mass production should start as early as June 2021 so that the first models of the upcoming Switch with OLED screen can be manufactured from July 2021. They want to start with 1 million units a month.

The release of the new switch is then scheduled for autumn or winter 2021. There will supposedly also be 4K support on board, but this remains very vague so far. The console’s internal screen should continue to have a resolution of 720p. There will also be no exclusive games for the new switch. It would be comparable to an intermediate step like the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X or Nintendo’s own handheld reissues, which we still know from the DS era.

However, the new Nintendo Switch could then just pass a 4K signal to TVs in docking mode. Native 4K should be out of the running, because even the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X usually continue to fail. However, upscaling should be used here. And there are also rumors about this.

DLSS for the Nintendo Switch?

It is claimed that the next Nintendo Switch could master Nvidia DLSS, which stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. This means that lower-resolution content is extrapolated using algorithms. The results are better than the typical upscaling and sometimes quite impressive. However, the question is whether DLSS could really be implemented with the current Tegra SoC from the Nintendo Switch. AI upscaling was also introduced on the Nvidia Shield TV, but DLSS is something else.

So currently it is a matter of waiting. Nintendo apparently has an interest in bringing its console back into the conversation after the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X | S are currently dominating the headlines.


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