Nintendo Switch Pro: New year, new hints and rumors about the stronger model

The rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro are almost as old as the Nintendo console itself. For some time now, many have agreed that a technically better model of the Nintendo Switch would come at some point. But then first came the Nintendo Switch Lite. But we’re going into the new year with new reports about the Pro model.

On the one hand, analysts continue to assume that the Pro model will come. The well-known Mat Piscatella (NPD Group) and Dr. In a forecast for 2021 at GamesIndustry, Serkan Toto (Kantan Games) and Piers Harding-Rolls (Ampere Analysis) assume that the Switch family will be the best-selling console in 2021. Despite PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Toto has long been a supporter of a Switch-Pro and, like Harding-Rolls, believes that the Switch-Pro will do its part in this potential success.

Dataminer presents new information on Switch Pro

Now the well-known dataminer SciresM is putting new clues on the table. These come from the firmware update for the console and therefore refer to new hardware with the code name “Aula”. The new hardware is said to use the same Mariko SoC (Tegra X1 +) as Nintendo Switch Lite and the first revision of the Switch. Of course, that doesn’t mean any technical improvement. SciresM therefore assumes that the clock rate is higher. In addition, there is talk of a real teak chip “4K UHD Multimedia SoC” in the firmware.

SciresM speculates that the chip could be in a new model of the dock and thus make 4K gaming on TV possible. This would have the great advantage that old models could also be compatible with the new dock. The firmware would also provide hints for better cooling and longer battery life.

The mostly well-informed Takashi Mochizuki had already determined in a Bloomberg article weeks ago that a new model would appear in the new year. Even then, there was talk of 4K resolution.

The year will tell what is true of these rumors.

via Eurogamer (2), GamesIndustry, VideoGamesChronicle, images: Nintendo


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