Nintendo Switch: Update 14.0.0 brings long-awaited innovation

With the latest update for Nintendo’s Switch consoles, games can now be sorted into folders.

Nintendo has been adding new features to the home menu of its Switch consoles over the years. Update 14.0.0, released this week, brings a feature that many Switch owners have been asking for since the console’s launch.

Sort games into folders

Games installed on the switch can be clearly sorted into folders from 14.0.0. This is especially useful for users who have downloaded many titles to their console. In this way, the overview can quickly be lost. After installing the latest Switch update, they no longer have to scroll all the way to the right of the home menu or use the search function to browse the library.

Creation of up to 100 folders possible

Folders can be created for specific genres or developers, among other things. Nintendo allows you to create up to 100 folders, each with space for up to 200 titles. And this is how it works:

  1. Scroll right and select All Software to view all games

  2. Press the L button

  3. Select “Create new group”

  4. Now select all games to be added

  5. Sort the games in the folder and press “Next”

  6. Now specify a name for the folder and confirm with “OK”

Adjustments for Bluetooth audio devices

Update 14.0.0 also brings changes for Bluetooth audio devices. Here the volume can now be adjusted directly via the switch or via the volume buttons on the audio device. For this to work, the device must support AVRCP profiles. The maximum output volume for some Bluetooth devices has also been increased. When plugged in for the first time, the volume is reduced to prevent sudden and excessive audio output.

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