Nintendo wants to make more animated films of their franchises

The Japanese game maker Nintendo wants to follow Super Mario make more animated films from their franchises. Kirby and Donkey Kong got series in the past and are together with Animal Crossing at the top of the wish list.

Nintendo has been a major player in the gaming industry since the 1980s. Many of their franchises like Donkey Kong, Zelda and Metroid have a permanent place in game collections. So there is no shortage of fun, but Nintendo has not yet jumped on the wagon of the film industry. Super Mario was to be seen in 2022 and then the Japanese game maker wants to get even more of their franchises on the big screen.

Pokémon only franchise with movies

In 1993, Super Mario was already the protagonist of the film Super Mario Bros. which was a great success. Since then, no franchise except Pokémon has spent money to make movies of it. In recent years, Nintendo has been less sparingly on lending their characters to movies. In 2015 Donkey Kong played a big part in Pixels and in 2018, the company partnered with Universal Studios to bring the Nintendo theme into their theme parks.

Nintendo remains careful with their characters

So now there is an animated Super Mario movie coming up. An interview with Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s global president, with Fast Company shows that more is on the way. It is not yet clear which characters it would be, the company is still protective about that. “We are looking at how we can approach the animation,” says Furukawa. And not just for Mario. We do remain very careful about the way we expand our franchises. Although we do not only do this to attract more audience. ”

Earlier this year, a series was released The Legend of Zelda on Netflix already canceled after there were leaks in the media. Given the popularity of the franchise, it can be said that they will do something with it in the future. The same for Animal Crossing, which is currently at a peak of popularity.


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