Nintendo World: Amusement Park already looks impressive

The construction of Super Nintendo World in Japan is almost complete. The first pictures show the amusement park from above.

“Super Nintendo World” should have opened in Universal Studios Japan in the spring. This start has been delayed until 2021, but the park seems to be almost finished, at least externally.

Airborne recordings by the daily newspaper “Mainichi Shimbun” give a first glimpse of what fans can expect in the Nintendo world. The concept graphics that were presented in January were implemented almost 1 to 1.

Peach, Toad and Bowser

You can see the kingdom of Princess Peach, Toad’s house and Bowser’s castle, among others. As in a Super Mario game, there are differently designed platforms and levels on which you will move.

The question mark blocks that visitors can interact with can also be seen. The park should be designed like a video game. You should be able to collect digital coins with a power up band and the associated smartphone app.

Mario kart

The main attraction of the park seems to be the “Mario Kart” track that dominates the rear of the site.

So while the park in Japan is already in place, construction in Los Angeles, California is slowly making progress. The Twitter channel Universal Core regularly shows pictures from Universal Studios Hollywood. About part of the mountain landscape was installed in August.


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