Nintendo worries about overheating switch consoles in summer

If you use your switch outdoors in the current high summer, you should pay attention to the temperature of the console.

Due to its compact design, the Nintendo Switch is very suitable for days at the lake or on the balcony. Still, Switch owners should keep an eye on the temperature of their handheld console. Nintendo itself is now warning against using the platform in high summer temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. According to the manufacturer, use at these temperatures is not advisable.

Sleep mode as a protection function

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Nintendo customer service pointed out that the switch was only intended for outside temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. If the outside temperature rises too much, the device would also overheat. This could result in damage to the Switch. If the temperature rises too much, the switch would go into sleep mode, which is intended to protect the hardware from defects.

Use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended

But it’s not just exposure to the sun that can lead to overheating: If you block the inlet and outlet openings of the fan unintentionally or on purpose, you also risk an excessively high internal temperature. If, on the other hand, the switch is operated in the dock, care should also be taken here that this is not necessarily exposed to the sun. Occasional vacuuming of dust from the inlet and outlet openings of the fan with a vacuum cleaner is also recommended.

Temporary shutdown only

If you only use your switch in the shade, you should have fewer problems. However, the upcoming heat wave of over 40 degrees Celsius could also cause some switch consoles to switch off temporarily due to overheating in our regions. After a short cool-down phase, however, everything should work as usual again.

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