Nio ET5 (2022): new electric car in Tesla Model 3 look

• Optics are reminiscent of Tesla Model 3
• 489 PS and a range of over 1000 kilometers according to CLTC
• Market launch in China: September 2022

Market launch and price: the sedan will be launched in China in autumn 2022

The Chinese car maker Nio is clearly targeting Tesla with its latest model. The recently introduced ET5 is not only in the same segment as the Model 3, the all-electric mid-range sedan is also visually reminiscent of its competitor from the USA. In China, delivery of the ET5 will start in September 2022, with prices starting at around 45,700 euros (328,000 RMB). With us, Nio is initially planning to enter the market in the same year, when the Model 3 opponent will be available, Nio does not yet reveal.

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Drive and range: ET5 covers over 1000 kilometers according to the Chinese cycle

So far Nio has only mentioned one drive variant and it is quite potent: Two motors with 150 kW at the front and 210 kW at the rear form one 360 kW (489 hp) four-wheel drive. This accelerates the ET5 in 4.3 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. It would be possible, however, to add a weaker entry-level version. There are three different options for the batteries. The entry-level version is a 75 kWh version, the middle version holds 100 kWh, and the largest battery has 150 kWh. The range information is extremely impressive, but also determined according to the less practical Chinese CLTC cycle. According to this, the model with the largest battery can cover over 1000 kilometers when fully charged, the medium variant with 100 kWh can cover over 700 kilometers and the entry-level model can cover over 550 kilometers. This would put the Nio above the Model 3, here the base creates 491 kilometers. However, this value was determined using the WLTP method, if that is used for the ET5, its range is likely to decrease. However, by how many kilometers it is not yet possible to estimate.

The Nio ET5 needs the radar sensors on the roof for autonomous driving, which it should gradually master.

The electric car should later be able to drive autonomously

In the future, Nio also wants the electric car to be driven autonomously. However, this function will only be introduced gradually later and apply to “different scenarios both in and out of town”. That doesn’t sound as if the ET5 should in future transport its passengers completely autonomously, but rather like an autonomous assistant for traffic jams, city traffic or parking.


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Design: Optics seem to be based on Tesla Model 3

The design of the Nio ET5 seems to be heavily inspired by the Tesla Model 3. The basic shape, but also details such as the window line, are very similar. For the headlights, however, Nio chooses a different variant, here two-part lights are used. An extremely narrow unit sits directly at the end of the bonnet, the second is housed in the upper part of the side air inlets. The door handles of the ET5 are of course sunk in an aerodynamically favorable manner. At the rear with a continuous tail light that extends far into the side, the bumper extends a little higher than on the Tesla. In addition, a diffuser element ensures a sporty look.

Interior: Reduced interior space with portrait display

The interior space is extremely reduced, but does not completely do without switches and buttons. The speed steps are inserted via an elongated element on the center console, and a few buttons can be seen next to it. The windows are also opened and closed apparently conventionally using buttons.


As with all Nio, the virtual assistant Nomi sits in a ball on the dashboard of the ET5.

Touch surfaces for quick selection can also be seen on the steering wheel, which is flattened at the bottom. The attached display for the digital cockpit behind it measures 10.2 inches and has an HDR resolution. Nio also works with augmented reality. The virtual projection surface onto the street is said to be an impressive 201 inches. The central display is installed upright in the ET5, but the Chinese have not yet revealed how big it is. That the panoramic roof and a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround sound system are standard.

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