Nioh 3: Fumihiko Yasuda talks shop about the setting of a possible sequel

Fumihiko Yasuda, director of, was also a guest during the MomoConline live stream Nioh 2nd. Fans were allowed to ask some questions. And as it is, fans at such question-and-answer sessions are not only interested in the old and already released game, but in the next, yet unannounced game. In this case it would be a possible Nioh 3.

A fan wanted to know whether the setting would be moved back to William with a new part to Europe or to China, perhaps during the time of the Three Kingdoms. After some thought, Yasuda said he felt he had covered the Sengoku period quite well. And yes, there would be William’s fate.

But Yasuda probably has something else in mind. He was personally very interested in Irish and Celtic legends and mythologies, he would like to play a game about that. But of course also about the time of the Three Kingdoms. The Shinsengumi are also a topic that he would like to deal with one day.

What topic do you have in mind?

Nioh 2 is available for PlayStation 4. Before there is a Nioh 3, there are several DLCs on Nioh 2 on the plan. They have just been announced. In addition, a photo mode was recently added.

via Siliconera, images: Nioh 2, Sony, Koei Tecmo / Team Ninja


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