Nissan 300ZX Z32: Burnout Fail with Gear Fireworks

Strange accidents and embarrassing mishaps are not uncommon. But thanks to smartphones and the Internet, such driving slip-ups are making the rounds faster and faster. As with this one too Nissan 300ZXwhose driver is currently being scorned and ridiculed online. In front of a group of spectators wanted the young man with his Japanese sports car put on thick pants and dissolve his rear wheels in smoke – but for once they remained intact.
As can be seen in the Youtube video of the user “Bairdogg”, the driver beat the Nissan’s three-liter V6 for a good ten seconds into the rev limiter – then there was a loud bang, sparks sprayed under the car. Apparently the driver hadn’t noticed that the athlete’s rear wheels weren’t even spinning. It was only with the bang that he realized that to his great astonishment. The gearbox and the clutch have to after this mishap probably to be renewed. Fortunately, nobody was harmed by the gear fireworks.

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The damage to the Nissan 300ZX could be expensive

W.he’s with a burnout in a public place says in front of numerous camera phones that he has to expect ridicule if something goes wrong. How expensive the burnout-Try for the driver is not known. But a new gearbox and clutch can burn a big hole in your wallet. However, one thing is certain: This 300ZX will be his journey home well compete on the trailer.

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